Advertising As Social Communication

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Advertising As Social Communication
Advertising As Social Communication

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With the development of market relations, the role of advertising increases, it becomes one of the determining factors in the development of the company. The level of product sales, the degree of popularity of services depends on advertising.

Advertising as social communication
Advertising as social communication

It is wrong to perceive advertising as a marketing tool - it is also a means of communication, a method of communication between a company and a consumer. This function of advertising is called communicative.

Advertising properties

Advertising is a complex socio-economic phenomenon that has a social context and has many connections with various spheres of human activity: with the economy, politics, public detail, religion, etc.

Advertising has a high level of influence, influencing public opinion, determines the model of behavior. At the same time, advertising acts as a source of information, forms contacts between people, and controls the communication process. Such advertising opportunities are called communicative. The function of social communication of advertising is used in the process of influencing the recipient. In this case, advertising has informational, pragmatic, expressive and managerial properties. Based on this, advertising can be viewed as a unique area of ​​information interaction. Advertising serves as a means of communication between different audiences based on the advertiser's goals.

Advertising communication

For a complete understanding of the interaction, consider the advertising communication scheme. The main elements of social communication are: coding and feedback - the characteristics of these elements are determined by the objectives of advertising and the characteristics of the target audience.

The most important role of social communication of advertising belongs to the addressee of advertising, that is, its recipient. A communication tool is an appeal, message or message embedded in an advertisement. The source of communication or inductor is the advertiser - the advertiser. Achieving the desired advertising effect is characterized as an advertising contact. The coding of advertising communication is the process of conveying an idea transmitted through text, symbols, images.

The means of circulation of advertising communication can be both verbal and non-verbal. Verbal means include textual or verbal treatment. Direct advertising and advertising strategies are usually distinguished. Direct advertising is a process when the sender addresses the recipients directly. The advertising strategy is based on the principle of indirect appeal to the addressee, through opinion leaders.

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