What Is Advertising

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What Is Advertising
What Is Advertising

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It is no exaggeration to say that every modern person has come across advertising. It is everywhere - on the radio, on television, in newspapers, on the Internet. It would seem that people using the mass media know everything about advertising. But nevertheless, advertising is a whole science and force, deciding the fate of companies.

What is advertising
What is advertising


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There are several definitions of advertising. "Advertising is information disseminated in any way, in any form and using any means, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons and aimed at drawing attention to the advertised object, generating or maintaining interest in it and its promotion on the market." Of course, the state will not allow the state to distribute advertising in any way and in any form, therefore, the rules for creating and distributing advertising are spelled out in the legislation of the Russian Federation. For example, in Russia it is impossible to interrupt children's programs to show advertisements and use images of people and animals in commercials advertising beer.

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There are several types of advertising - commercial, social and political advertising. Advertising also differs in its goals. There is informative advertising that is used to bring a new product to the market and search for potential buyers. Comparative advertising shows the advantage of the advertised product over competing products. A reminder advertisement advertises a product that has been on the market for a long time, but needs periodic reminders about itself.

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In addition to the usual advertising, new varieties of it are gaining popularity in the West. For example, this is product placement - one of the types of hidden advertising, when a popular film or TV series contains easily recognizable products of a company. For example, after the products of the American company Hershey, a manufacturer of chocolate bars, were shown in the movie "Alien", their sales increased by 70%.

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Advertising has both supporters and opponents. On the one hand, it should help the buyer navigate a variety of products, offer the best of them, suggest where to buy the product, and inform about sales. On the other hand, many argue that advertising manipulates the minds of consumers, imposes goods and services on a potential buyer. However, it is now difficult to imagine life without ads.

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