Why Do Dogs Dream About Biting

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Why Do Dogs Dream About Biting
Why Do Dogs Dream About Biting
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It is curious that many dream books consider a dreaming dog as an image of some kind of friend. In principle, this is quite understandable, since a dog is a true friend of man. But dogs do not always dream as loyal and friendly creatures, devoted to man. Often they can bite in a dream. It is such a dream that should be considered in more detail.

Dreams with biting dogs are negative
Dreams with biting dogs are negative


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Why does a biting dog dream about Miller's dream book? Gustav Hindman Miller argues that a dog bite is a dream of enmity, so in this case the dog is the enemy of the dreamer. You need to think about it and check all your friends for lice. It is possible that in reality the dreamer completely trusts his life to such a false friend. Sometimes dog bites dream of resentment, quarrels and cruelty. Often, such a dream can serve as a warning - in reality, a friend may come to the dreamer asking for a loan. Miller advises against lending finances to such a friend, since there is a significant risk not only of losing money, but also of being involved in a grandiose scandal!

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Why does a sick dog bite in a dream according to Hasse's dream book? The plot is, of course, unpleasant. If the dreamer sees a sick dog biting him on the street, then in reality material losses and disappointments are coming. If it is not someone else's sick dog who has bitten, but his own, discord in the family is coming: betrayal, squabbles, troubles, divorce. By the way, Hasse in his dream book also focuses on a sick dog that bites while playing. The fact is that some dogs, when they recover, can play with people, biting them. This means that in reality the dreamer has a reliable friend - his support and support, but he is at a crossroads: he must choose between friendship and his personal life.

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Why do women dream of biting dogs? If evil dogs rush at women in a dream, grab them by open areas of the body, then in reality the dreamer can be pursued by a rather dangerous person hiding under the guise of a gallant suitor. To get rid of this man, a woman will have to use all her natural cunning, well, or call the police, claiming him. If the dog bites the dreamer's hand, but she does not feel any pain, some of her projects will not be able to come true, forever remaining dreams: the wrong calculation of forces and resources will simply not allow them to be realized! If the dreamer watches how an angry dog ​​bites her friend, then in reality you can hear a lot of gossip about her.

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Why do men dream of a biting dog? If the dreamer observes how an angry dog ​​bites some stranger, in reality you can find yourself in an ambiguous situation. It is unlikely that it will be possible to emerge victorious from it. Feel the affectionate bite from a playful puppy - to empty gossip that will take up the lion's share of precious time. If a man is bitten by a dog in a dream, then in reality he will have to fight off his competitors. We need to act with lightning speed and decisiveness in order to take them out of the game as soon as possible!

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