Why Do Diamonds Dream

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Why Do Diamonds Dream
Why Do Diamonds Dream

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According to the interpretations of the vast majority of dream books, diamonds in a dream are a favorable sign aimed at improving the dreamer's quality of life. To find out a more detailed interpretation of the dreamed diamonds, you should look through the dream books.

Diamonds in a dream are almost always a good sign
Diamonds in a dream are almost always a good sign

Why do diamonds dream? Miller's dream book

According to this dream book, wearing diamond jewelry in a dream means gaining a high position in society and satisfying your own ambitions. Seeing diamonds on other people - to the success of the dreamer's loved ones. A dream in which clothes are adorned with diamonds portends good luck and luck.

To inherit diamonds means to become rich financially, but not to receive the long-awaited spiritual satisfaction in life. To accept diamonds as a gift for a woman in a dream is a favorable sign that promises a successful marriage.

If the dreamer finds or acquires diamonds in a dream, then in reality he will have good luck in important matters and success in love. For a young girl, this dream portends a series of pleasant events. If the dreamer for some other reason gives diamonds to someone, then in reality he should beware of danger.

Hasse's dream book: why did the diamonds dream?

According to the interpreters of Hasse's dream book, diamonds in a dream portend happiness, which over time can turn into a deception. Putting a diamond ring on your finger is a love confession. The loss of diamonds in a dream promises grief and disappointment. If you dreamed of how the diamonds crumbled, and the dreamer had to collect them, then his hopes were not destined to be realized.

Diamonds from a family dream book

According to the compilers of this dream book, the diamond seen in a dream is a symbol of the fact that a person is trying to achieve the highest goals. However, sometimes this gem can dream of treason, to fake friendship, to imaginary luck and to the greed of people. Therefore, in reality, you should be especially careful with the people around you, so as not to get involved in trouble.

Lunar dream book: diamonds

The interpreters of this dream book are sure that diamonds will be removed for mutual love. If the dreamer becomes the owner of a large number of diamonds, then in reality this is a sign of recognition of his merits. The loss of a diamond in a dream suggests that a person is in for a great shame and a strong one is needed.

Modern dream book. See diamonds in a dream

Seeing diamonds in a dream is a warning, such a dream is a sign of falsehood, betrayal and even a threat to health. However, owning these jewelry in a dream means getting respect from colleagues and loved ones. Often, such a dream promises in reality a meeting with an influential person who is able to change the dreamer's financial situation for the better.

If a young woman dreamed that she was presented with diamonds, then in reality it promises a quick and magnificent wedding, and her marriage will be long and happy. If a career woman sees such a dream, then she will have a quick career advancement.

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