How To Hold A Fair

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How To Hold A Fair
How To Hold A Fair
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Fairs can have a different focus: agricultural, social, trade fairs, etc. To carry out any of these targeted actions, you must obtain permission from the municipality.

How to hold a fair
How to hold a fair


Step 1

If you are going to hold a fair on your own initiative, apply to the district administration with an application. You must contact the area in which you plan to hold the event. Submit to the administration a detailed plan of the fair, indicate the time and place that you need to get.

Step 2

Apply in advance for permission, as the fair cannot be held without the involvement of participating farms, retail outlets and farmers, and in order to negotiate with them, you must be sure that the local authorities will allow you to hold the event in your area.

Step 3

As soon as you receive permission from the administration indicating the date of the fair, send out invitations to all business organizations that are ready to exhibit their products. If a fair with a social orientation is held, then the markup on the wholesale price of the goods should be minimal. Usually social fairs are organized by the regional municipality and involve all agricultural producers, as well as producers of food and haberdashery goods.

Step 4

Prepare counters, stands and other necessary equipment for the fair. Organize the security of the event by law enforcement agencies.

Step 5

Hang up billboards and trade fair announcements. Give publicity to the media.

Step 6

Conduct mass preparation for the fair three to four months before the event. This is exactly how much time is needed to obtain permission, inform the population and resolve organizational issues for the installation of equipment, as well as to negotiate with the participants who will exhibit their products.

Step 7

You can arrange additional services, sell fast food products, beverages, and provide photography and other additional services.

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