How To Hold A Wake For 1 Year

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How To Hold A Wake For 1 Year
How To Hold A Wake For 1 Year

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Traditionally, it is believed that commemoration is not only a memorial meal, but also a prayer. Moreover, holding a commemoration involves visiting the cemetery and cleaning its territory.

How to hold a wake for 1 year
How to hold a wake for 1 year

Orthodox commemoration of the departed primarily implies prayer. And only after that is the memorial table. Of course, the funeral itself, the 9th and 40th days, are no less significant events, to which all relatives, close friends, just acquaintances and colleagues from work are invited. However, for a commemoration in 1 year, you can not do this, but spend the day in prayer among the closest people in the family circle. Also, a year after the sad event, it is customary to visit the cemetery.

How to hold a commemoration for 1 year?

If a person was baptized during his lifetime, a funeral commemoration is ordered for him at the Liturgy. Prayer is a great help for people who have left this world. Indeed, by and large, the deceased does not need either a monument or a gorgeous meal, the only thing that a loved one can do for his soul is to read prayers and remember his good deeds.

You can order the Liturgy in the church in the evening the day before the commemoration or in the morning on the same day. Among other things, the deceased is commemorated at the meal. On this day, it is customary to cook various dishes: this is necessarily a soup, a second, and at the request of relatives, the deceased's favorite dishes are prepared. Do not forget about pancakes, jelly and pastries.

On the day of commemoration of the death of the deceased, you should definitely visit his grave. If necessary, they put things in order there: they tint the fence, plant flowers, needles (thuja takes root best of all, it does not grow in breadth and does not take root, but only grows upwards). If there was a temporary monument on the grave, then it is in the year after death that it is replaced with a permanent one.

Memorial meal at the commemoration for 1 year

Of course, the hosts want to treat the invited people more deliciously, but one should not forget about the Orthodox fasts. So, if the commemoration fell on the day of fasting, prohibited foods should be excluded and only those dishes that are allowed for the meal should be served on the table.

At the table, it is necessary to remember the deceased, his good deeds and character traits. Do not turn the memorial table into a "drunken gathering." After all, the word "commemoration" originated from the word "remember".

The first dish served on the memorial table is kutia. It is boiled rice or wheat grits with honey and raisins. While eating food, they think about the deceased. Such food is considered a symbol of resurrection, according to tradition, it can be sprinkled with holy water.

The next dishes on the memorial table, namely soup, the second, can be anything, depending on the taste preferences of the deceased or the owners. It can be ordinary chicken noodle soup or rich borscht, goulash with pasta or jellied meat, stuffed with peppers or pilaf, so long as meat dishes are not prohibited by fasting. For baking, you can serve stuffed pie or pancakes.

It should be noted that the days of commemoration must be met in a good mood, be in the mood and not be offended by the deceased for leaving this world. Moreover, it is considered correct to distribute alms and clothes or other things of the deceased to those in need at the commemoration.

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