How To Hold A Cigar

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How To Hold A Cigar
How To Hold A Cigar

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Video: How To Hold A Cigar
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Smoking is an ancient habit. Sharing a cigar with someone you are talking to is a sign of respect, as well as a good reason for conversation or acquaintance. The Indians also treated Colubmus to tobacco to show him their hospitality. Peace of mind is very important in cigar smoking. There are no clear rules on how to properly hold a cigar, but you need to do it with confidence.

How to hold a cigar
How to hold a cigar


Step 1

There are no specific rules on how to hold a cigar for this particular method to be considered correct. But there are several styles, among which you can definitely distinguish masculine and feminine. For the most part, men hold the cigar between two fingers, but also support it slightly from the bottom with the big one, but not always.

Step 2

Women usually hold the cigar a little more gracefully. Also with two fingers, but they are more distant from each other, so as to press the cigar to the thumb, which is also located below. But these are just the most common ways, in reality they are not required.

Step 3

When it comes to smoke, the etiquette is pretty simple. Hold your cigar so that the smoke does not interfere with those around you. These rules are similar to those used by cigarette smokers. But there are a few additional guidelines regarding the convenience of smoking a cigar.

Step 4

While holding the cigar, do not hide it and feel free to. Smoking a cigar is a process that requires attention and respect, including from the smoker himself. It should be close to the face, in general, you need to hold it confidently.

Step 5

Hold the cigar between puffs with the ash facing up. With this method, smoking comes out colder, the cigar itself smolders evenly, and the ash does not fall. Hot air rises upward, and if you hold your cigar with the ash down, it will warm up quickly, which will negatively affect its taste.

Step 6

Regarding how to hold cigars in your mouth, different countries have different rules. For example, in Northern Europe it is not customary to bite a cigar with your teeth. Sometimes this is done, but slightly, so that it is invisible to others. In this case, the cigar is still held by hand. In many southern countries, for example, in Cuba or Spain, people do not hesitate to hold a cigar with only their teeth. It is believed that the taste is felt much more intensely.

Step 7

The most important rule is: don't be shy. After all, a cigar is a demonstration of confidence, even in some way outrageous. Those who are just starting to smoke cigars are often embarrassed and look constricted. This is the main mistake.

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