How To Set Up An Exhibition Stand

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How To Set Up An Exhibition Stand
How To Set Up An Exhibition Stand
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In recent years, more and more enterprises and companies have taken part in thematic and specialized exhibitions. For successful work at the exhibition, it is necessary to correctly design and fill the exhibition stand. How to do it competently, efficiently and attractively?

How to set up an exhibition stand
How to set up an exhibition stand


Step 1

Calculate and think over the space of the stand. Distribute the space in such a way that visitors have free access to the exposition and can easily familiarize themselves with the contents of the stand.

Step 2

Think carefully about the placement of the exhibits. For these purposes, it is recommended to conditionally divide all elements of the exposition into three groups - basic, additional and new items. It should be noted that the most advantageous, from the point of view of visitor access, places at the stand should be provided to novelties. The main exhibits should follow. Additional objects can be placed in the back of the stand. It should be remembered that the exposition area should occupy less than half of the total stand area.

Step 3

To attract the attention of visitors to your stand, it is recommended to place moving elements on it. For these purposes, a fountain, a shiny mobile, or a mirror ball may work. Videos or working models of the company's product will have the same effect. The main condition for the selection of a moving element for an exhibition should be its direct or indirect connection with the company's activities.

Step 4

Take care of sonic ways to grab the attention of your visitors. As a rule, musical accompaniment does not give the desired result - at exhibitions it is already quite noisy. A much greater effect can be achieved by using unexpected sounds and sound signals (for example, some originals use invocative sounds made by animals). Also, announcements on the internal radio are considered quite effective.

Step 5

Place on the stand text information about ongoing promotions, exhibits and available handouts. This information should be as short as possible, meaningful and arranged in such a way that it can be easily seen.

Step 6

Develop a lighting system for the exhibition structure. It should be borne in mind that the main exhibits of the stand should visually stand out. Place the lighting fixtures so that bright light does not shine in the eyes of visitors and does not distract them from the stand.

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