How To Become A Participant Of The "Expostone" Exhibition In Moscow

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How To Become A Participant Of The "Expostone" Exhibition In Moscow
How To Become A Participant Of The "Expostone" Exhibition In Moscow

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The International Exhibition "Expostone" in Moscow attracts the attention of manufacturers and consumers of natural stone products. Most of the exhibition is dedicated to its extraction. The exhibition is annual and has been held since 2000. In addition, there is a business program, as a result of which agreements are adopted.

How to become a participant of the exhibition
How to become a participant of the exhibition


power of attorney, seal of the organization, funds to pay for participation


Step 1

To become a participant in the international exhibition "Expostone", you need to contact the organizers of the exhibition and submit an application for participation, rental of stands, electrification of stands, information support, and so on. The coordinates can be found on the exhibition website. You must definitely have information about your products, registration as a legal entity, a power of attorney, if you conclude an agreement for participation on behalf of the management.

Step 2

After that, you need to sign an Agreement on participation, lease and other services provided by the organizers of the exhibition, as well as pay the invoice. Prices for participation, as well as stand rental, their description, placement of banners outside the territory of your stands are also available on the website. For example, according to the latest information, the registration fee for participation is 7000 rubles, and 1 square meter of unequipped area is 4950 rubles. In addition, you will have to pay for the placement of your logo in the catalog if you want to see it there. All questions should be coordinated with the organizers of the exhibition separately.

Step 3

The agreement can be downloaded from the organizers' website, filled in and sent in two copies by registered mail or sent by courier to the address of the exhibition organizer - Expostroy TVK: 117218, Moscow, Nakhimovsky prospect, 24. After the organizers sign the agreement, you will be sent your copy, and an invoice for payment of participation in the exhibition is also attached.

Step 4

You can also use the services of third-party sites - sponsors and media partners of the event. For example, use a site dedicated to all exhibitions in Russia. Fill out the online forms of the required documents, click the "Submit" button under each. The site administrators will have to contact you first, and then the organizers of the exhibition. Naturally, you may also be charged an additional fee for mediating services with you.

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