What Is The Most Beautiful Natural Phenomenon

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What Is The Most Beautiful Natural Phenomenon
What Is The Most Beautiful Natural Phenomenon
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There are a huge number of natural phenomena in the world, beautiful and unusual. Sometimes they can be unpredictable and dangerous, but still, their splendor is breathtaking.

northern Lights
northern Lights

Unusually beautiful natural phenomena

Pillars of the sun are a rare natural phenomenon that can only be seen in very cold weather. Such pillars are formed due to the fact that sunlight is reflected by icy flat crystals, if the Sun is located below the horizon or not higher than 6 ° above its level. Therefore, observing the pillars of the sun is possible only at dawn or dusk. Sometimes the pillars of light are formed due to the moonlight, as well as the illumination of large cities.

The aurora is a truly mesmerizing natural phenomenon: rays, flashes, rings, as well as vortices that move across the sky and shimmer in a variety of colors, from purple to yellow, from sky blue to red. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off this delightful sight.

Noctilucent clouds are very rare. Such clouds are the highest, they form at an altitude of 85 km and become visible only in clear weather, illuminated by the sun from behind the horizon. The average speed of their movement across the sky is 100 m / s.

Mirage is considered a joke of nature. It can be seen only under certain weather conditions - for example, in a sultry cold or heat. Marvelous landscapes, medieval castles, steamers soaring in the sky - such a stunning sight can be seen in the middle of the open ocean, in hot deserts, in the mountains. There are several types of mirages, the most amazing of them is called "Fata Morgana".

Fata Morgana is a complex optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, which consists of several forms of mirages, while distant objects are seen many times and with various distortions.

Beautiful and terrifying natural phenomena

Fire tornadoes are a rare but very mesmerizing natural phenomenon. For a long time, they were considered fiction, but in 2003, undeniable evidence of their existence was obtained. This fire tornado is often confused with a fire whirlwind. In reality, these are completely different natural phenomena. A fiery whirlwind forms near the surface of a burning earth, for example, during forest fires, and the tornado itself forms in the lower boundaries of a thunderstorm front.

The wind speed around the center of a fire tornado is capable of reaching 250 km / h.

Another beautiful natural phenomenon is lava lakes. Lava is a molten rock that can usually be seen during and after a volcanic eruption. However, there are several places on Earth where lava also occurs in the form of lakes. This is truly an unusual and magnificent natural phenomenon, since the lava in them is not contaminated by accompanying rocks and slags.

Speaking about the most beautiful natural phenomena, one cannot ignore the geysers. In fact, they can be considered miniature copies of volcanoes, but instead of lava, they emit fountains of steam and hot water. The most beautiful geysers of Yellowstone National Park in America are considered. It is there that there are over 80 thermal springs. Many of them throw water to a height of 5 to 10 m.

One of the most mysterious beautiful and dangerous natural phenomena is ball lightning. This is one of the mysteries that humanity has not yet solved. Sometimes the behavior of ball lightning does not fit into any laws of physics, it is impossible to study them in nature. The opinion that this natural phenomenon occurs only in thunderstorm weather is erroneous. Often, such lightning is formed on a sunny day. Although something similar can be created in laboratory conditions, it does not bring physicists closer to solving the mystery of the nature of ball lightning.

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