The Most Beautiful Architectural Monuments In The World

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The Most Beautiful Architectural Monuments In The World
The Most Beautiful Architectural Monuments In The World

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Architectural monuments preserve history no worse than museums. Works of building art are frozen music of the past and a stone chronicle of the history of civilizations. Ruins attract with their mystery and antiquity, and architectural ensembles attract with harmony and beauty.

Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris

The most beautiful architectural monuments in Europe

Europe is quite rich in architectural heritage, which is associated with the flourishing of architecture in the Middle Ages. However, the most beautiful and recognizable monument of architectural art is the ancient Roman Colosseum. A huge amphitheater, built in the 1st century, in the shape of an ellipse, with a wall height of 50 meters, could accommodate up to 60,000 spectators.

The powerful and majestic Notre Dame Cathedral (Notre Dame de Paris) is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of Gothic architecture. Not only the size of the building is impressive, but also the decorative design of the facades with fantastic statues, the openwork carving of portals and the stained glass windows of the cathedral in the form of purple roses. The voice of the cathedral, enclosed in the bell of the south tower, which weighs 13 tons, is also unique.

Tower Bridge in central London is a monument not only of architecture, but also of mechanics. Despite its apparent fragility, this bridge lifts both multi-ton adjustable wings in less than a minute, thanks to a unique hydraulic mechanism. Pedestrian galleries connecting the towers at a height of 44 meters are currently used as an observation deck.

An amazingly beautiful architectural monument in the Baroque style is located in Austria. Vienna Belvedere is a palace ensemble of the 18th century with marble galleries, a stable yard and the first alpine garden in Europe.

Pearls of East and Asian architecture

The largest and oldest architectural monument is the Great Wall of China, which is over 8 thousand km long. The sight of a stone tape stretching into the distance is amazing, some fragments of the wall were built in the 3rd century BC. This attraction is visited by about 40 million people annually.

The treasure of Islamic architecture is the Taj Mahal. The mausoleum, which is called the "eighth wonder of the world", was built in 1653. Thin, rising minarets, a dazzling white marble palace and a luxurious blooming park in the middle of the desert leave no visitor indifferent.

The octagonal mosque of Caliph Omar in Jerusalem is associated with the great names of King David and Solomon, but it is interesting not only for ancient history. The architectural value of this building lies in the turquoise mosaic walls made of pieces of marble, gold and mother-of-pearl in various shades. The golden dome of the temple, 34 meters high, shining in the sun, rests on two rows of columns that encircle the building. The columns are carved out of red porphyry and rare burgundy-purple marble.

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