The Most Beautiful Female Names

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The Most Beautiful Female Names
The Most Beautiful Female Names

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A beautiful female name sounds light, elegant, as an assertion of the best female qualities - sensitivity, tenderness, responsiveness, wisdom, kindness. Any person who determines the beauty of a woman's name is primarily guided by its euphony.

The most beautiful female names
The most beautiful female names

The most beautiful female name in the whole world

In a huge variety of names, polls have highlighted the most beautiful female name in the world - Anna, which is proudly worn by about a hundred million women. Moreover, the name is very common.

Anna is a Hebrew name that means merciful. It gives its mistress a fair mild character and endurance, an excellent memory and a strong personal opinion. The name is found in different countries: in Slavic countries - Anna, Ana, Hana, Ganna, in English-speaking countries - Ann, Hannah and also Anne, Hanna.

Europe calls the name Maria the most beautiful - easy on the ear and has many meanings.

Translated from the Hebrew language, it means "beloved", "bitter", "stubborn".

What do men of different countries say about the beauty of a woman's name?

Russian men named the most beautiful names - Anastasia, Ekaterina, Victoria, Natalia, Tatyana, Ksenia.

The choice, according to their answers, was made on the basis of the gentle sound and femininity of the name. The most beautiful name is Anastasia by origin - Greek. Means - "resurrected".

Previously, this name was used in noble families.

The character is very persistent and sociable, jealous, such girls know how to attract attention.

Fans of old Russian female names consider the names Milena, Lada, Bronislav, Lyubava to be beautiful, since these names convey the characteristic features of Slavic women.

The beauty of female names in Islam is a gentle sound and features that are important in this faith: Jamila translates as “beautiful”, Abir means “fragrance”, Afaf is “chastity” - everyone has their own values.

The Yiddish-speaking Jews call beautiful female names for the translation of lyrical love objects: "flower" gives the name to Blume, the definition of "beloved" - the name of Liebe, the rose in the name sounds like Reise, and the adjective "sweet" - the name Zisl.

The Spaniards traditionally have many names, but they singled out Maria, Carmen, Camila as the most beautiful female names. The definition of beauty in this country is based on religion.

Italian female names wander around the world, but Italians themselves consider the most beautiful names Lucrezia, Wanda, Violetta.

The names of German women are most often double, of religious origin, but in Germany the best names were named Kate, Anna-Maria, Marlene, Hines.

The beauty of a name is the most pleasant set of sounds in any language that accompanies a person all his life. If relatives, friends, acquaintances have nothing to reproach a woman for, then her name from generation to generation acquires an excellent reputation.

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