How To Invite A Social Worker

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How To Invite A Social Worker
How To Invite A Social Worker

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The social service is intended not only to pay child benefits, but also to provide assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population. The scope of the service is quite large and extends up to point assistance to needy lonely pensioners and disabled people.

How to invite a social worker
How to invite a social worker

If suddenly a person needs the help of a social worker, then initially he should independently contact the Center for Social Assistance (CSP) at the place of residence.

List of required documents

When contacting with you, you must have the following package of documents.

1. Passport and its copy.

2. Certificate of health status issued by the district doctor.

3. A certificate from the pension fund about the receipt of the pension.

4. A document confirming the existence of a residence permit (a certificate indicating with whom and where the pensioner lives).

5. Certificate confirming disability, if any.

After all documents are confirmed, a social worker will be assigned to the applicant.

Participants of the Second World War and the disabled, as well as those equated to them, are accepted without queue; people who live alone at the age of 80 (disabled from 70); disabled people injured in the course of hostilities; single citizens recognized as disabled and deprived of support and outside care.

Priorities include:

- single spouses of war veterans, invalids of the Great Patriotic War;

- victims of radiation exposure in connection with the Chernobyl tragedy, as well as those equated to them;

- victims of political repression.

Beneficiaries living with their families will receive assistance from the social center only if family members are recognized as disabled, have reached retirement age, or the needy remains alone for a long time.

List of required services

When contacting the CSP, a person signs an agreement for the provision of social assistance to him. The social services must ensure that the following obligations are met:

1. Assistance in the repair and cleaning of housing.

2. Cooking and feeding.

3. Assistance in the delivery and purchase of food, manufactured goods and medicines (up to 4 kg).

4. Replenishment of water supplies, furnace firebox.

5. Delivery of clothes for the person in need of dry cleaning and delivery back.

6. Help in paying for utility bills.

7. Delivery of literature, assistance in writing letters.

8. Provision of social and medical assistance.

9. Providing assistance in obtaining education and employment.

11. Assistance in organizing funerals and preparing documents for carrying out funeral services.

12. Legal assistance - preparation of personal documentation.

If a person in need develops exacerbations, he goes to the hospital for a day hospital, then the social worker is obliged to visit the patient twice a week. Also, if a person is confined in bed and requires constant medical care, then the social assistance center is obliged to attach a person with a medical education to him.

The services listed above are included in the mandatory list of services provided by the social center. Anything that is required additionally is paid separately.

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