How To Call A Social Taxi

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How To Call A Social Taxi
How To Call A Social Taxi

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Citizens with physical disabilities strive for a fulfilling life in society. The social taxi service comes to their rescue, which will take the person not only to the clinic, but also to a culturally significant event. In order for the car to be at your entrance on time, fulfill a number of necessary requirements.

How to call a social taxi
How to call a social taxi

It is necessary

  • - special coupons for payment;
  • - certificate of disability;
  • - passport;
  • - application.


Step 1

Get coupons to pay for a social taxi from a representative of the All-Russian Society of Disabled People. It operates in every region of the Russian Federation. Specify the phone number where you can call a taxi.

Step 2

To order a social taxi, call the number given to you. When ordering, provide your details, as well as the planned route of the trip. The destination should be a socially significant object (social security agencies, railway stations, medical institutions, etc.). The car will pick you up at your registration address.

Step 3

Recently, it has become possible to order a social taxi not at the registration address, but at the address of actual residence (for example, if a person with disabilities lives with children). To carry out this operation, write a special statement. In it, indicate: full name, passport data, number of the document giving the right to benefits. Enter the registration address, as well as the actual residence - for entering it into the social taxi database. Take this application to the social welfare office at your registration or place of residence.

Step 4

When boarding a taxi, show the driver your passport, as well as a document confirming the right to travel. Remember that you are entitled to one accompanying person, and, if necessary, you must be provided with a telephone number to contact the taxi dispatcher. Upon arrival at the place, pay the driver with the issued coupons, based on the actual time spent on the trip.

Step 5

If you need to cancel an already ordered taxi, call the dispatch office again. In case of cancellation of a trip with a car already served, give the driver a written application with the reason indicated in it, and also reimburse with coupons the time of picking up and returning the taxi.

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