What Is Included In The Concept Of "social Activity"

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What Is Included In The Concept Of "social Activity"
What Is Included In The Concept Of "social Activity"

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Social activity is a conscious activity of an individual aimed at participating in social processes and at changing the surrounding social conditions. Social activity as a concept can be considered from the point of view of the importance of self-realization for the individual and from the point of view of the strength of his influence on society.

What is included in the concept
What is included in the concept

Social activity as a method of personality self-expression

Social activity is an important factor in the development of a person's psychological and emotional development. The need to defend their moral, cultural and ideological values ​​awakens in a person the need to change or maintain the state of the social environment in which he is. The essence of social activity is its focus on changing the circumstances of the life of society and its life for the benefit of people and for themselves.

The social activity of a person develops under the influence of all social factors that affect a person. The main factor of social activity is the realization by an individual of his knowledge and skills for the benefit of public interests, as he sees this benefit from his point of view. It is considered only in conjunction with any kind of actual human activity.

Psychology considers the concept of social activity as a set of directed activities of a person and his socio-psychological qualities. Activity is defined as a way of existence of a social subject - i.e. a way of interaction between an individual and society as a whole. Social activity is influenced by such internal factors of a person as psychological and genetic characteristics, cultural level, consciousness, character, value system and individual needs.

Social activity as a lever of progress and social change

Social activity is the sum of various manifestations of human activity, deliberately aimed at solving issues facing a social group or society as a whole. The subjects can be both an individual and a collective, group, class, society. Social activity is also defined as a person's ability to make significant transformations in social life through their behavior, communication, creativity. Activity can be manifested in all areas of society. Conditionally, a person's social activity can be divided into political, labor, spiritual and other types.

From the point of view of sociology, social activity is not an arbitrary phenomenon, but arises as a result of historical necessity and is aimed at creating new social forms and conditions. Social activity can carry protest moods and cause social instability. On the other hand, social activity can be a manifestation of the innovations necessary for society and factors of positive development.

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