How To Get Rid Of An Old Mirror

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How To Get Rid Of An Old Mirror
How To Get Rid Of An Old Mirror

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According to the beliefs of ancestors, old mirrors are the door to the other world. Therefore, in no case should they be thrown into the trash like ordinary rubbish. If, nevertheless, the time has come to get rid of the mirror, then before that you need to carry out a number of special events.

How to get rid of an old mirror
How to get rid of an old mirror


  • - salt;
  • - water;
  • - cotton cloth;
  • - candle;
  • - matches.


Step 1

If cracks or streaks begin to appear on the amalgam of an old mirror, this is a sure sign that it is worth getting rid of. Instead of positive energy, such a mirror begins to emit negative energy: and this can cause significant harm to household members. However, in order not to bring trouble to the house, the process of throwing away the old mirror must be accompanied by a special ritual.

Step 2

First of all, the mirror should be immersed in running water and held in it for several minutes. The main thing is not to look into the mirror itself during the washing process. In this case, you can add a pinch of salt to the water. Then wipe the amalgam with a special cotton cloth.

Step 3

After that, you need to light a candle and easily walk on the glass with its flame - first clockwise, and then counterclockwise. Then you can cross the mirror with the fire of a burning candle and mentally ask him for forgiveness.

Step 4

Then it is worth saying a special ritual phrase. It can have the following content: "You have served good people for many years, now another century is coming, and it's time for you, a mirror, to rest." This activity does not take long, but it can bring significant benefits.

Step 5

After that, the obsolete piece of furniture should be put in a cabinet or chest of drawers for several days. After a certain time, the mirror can be buried in the ground in some hard-to-reach place. Returning home, you must definitely wash your hands and face with clean cold water, while saying: "Mother water, take trouble away from me!"

Step 6

And, of course, then you should buy a new mirror that would delight the eye and charge all family members with positive feelings and emotions. When buying, it is better to give preference to round or oval mirrors - they best transmit positive energy.

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