How To Get Rid Of Old Photos

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How To Get Rid Of Old Photos
How To Get Rid Of Old Photos

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Many families have large photo archives, often inherited. Of course, from a historical and cultural point of view, such archives are very valuable. However, in many cases, huge photo albums filled with many images of practically strangers take up space on the shelves aimlessly, raising only one question - how to get rid of old photos.

How to get rid of old photos
How to get rid of old photos

It is necessary

  • - optional: computer, scanner, flash drive or CD / DWD disks and recorder;
  • - optional: shredder;
  • - optional: bags, wrapping paper, scotch tape;
  • - optional: a place for burning paper.


Step 1

Choose the ultimate way to get rid of photos. This can be both the physical destruction of images and their transfer for indefinite storage (for example, to relatives).

Step 2

Prepare for the process of disposing of old photos. Prepare mentally. Decide firmly that you will do it. Make a promise to yourself that you will not regret what you did. Prepare yourself technically and organizationally. Choose a place and time for the event. Prepare a shredder, computer, scanner, storage media, wrapping paper or bags, etc. Find and collect all the photos in advance.

Step 3

Highlight the shots you will get rid of. Sort the photos by selecting the ones that will disappear from your life. Review the selected photos again. Make sure you never want to see them again.

Step 4

If possible, keep digital copies of your photos. In the absence of firm confidence in the actions taken or in the presence of a desire to convey the information contained in the old photos to the descendants, it makes sense to transfer the images to digital media. Scan photos in high resolution. Save scanned images in lossless formats (raw, bmp, png) or in.jpg

Step 5

Get rid of old photos. Physically destroy the images, or pack them securely and store them with a trusted person.

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