How To Get Rid Of Mercury

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How To Get Rid Of Mercury
How To Get Rid Of Mercury

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Mercury is the only metal in nature that is liquid under normal room conditions. Mercury is a toxic substance, and its vapors are considered especially hazardous to health. But, although it is not widely, it is still used in everyday life, for example, a thermometer, with which each of us measures body temperature when we feel unwell. Since the thermometer is glass, there are times when it breaks and the spill of mercury causes quite a few troubles.


It is necessary

A sheet of paper, container, needles, syringe, water, potassium permanganate, edible salt, vinegar essence


Step 1

If the thermometer breaks and mercury spills on the floor, then put on rubber gloves and prepare a container with a tight-fitting lid before collecting the mercury balls. Start collecting mercury from the largest balls of metal. Take a thick sheet of paper and use an awl or needle to gently roll the balls onto it. Place the collected mercury in a previously prepared container.

Step 2

Next, take two needles and small balls of mercury, try to combine into one large one. After that, place the mercury on a piece of paper as well, and then pour it into a container. Collect very small particles of mercury with a piece of electrical tape, the mercury will stick to the sticky side.

Step 3

Take a flashlight and examine all the cracks in the area of ​​the mercury spill. Try to get it out of the slots with a syringe with a thick needle.

Step 4

Then, when the visible mercury has been removed, prepare a solution. Mix several crystals of potassium permanganate with one liter of water. Add one tablespoon of table salt and one spoonful of vinegar essence there and stir.

Step 5

Then, carefully clean the area where the mercury was spilled with the solution. After a few hours, when the solution is dry, carry out a wet cleaning and ventilate the room.

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