What Color Goes Well With Orange

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What Color Goes Well With Orange
What Color Goes Well With Orange

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Orange combines the brightness and joy of yellow and the heat of red. This is the warmest shade of the entire color palette. Combinations with orange create a sunny, optimistic mood in interior design and clothing.

Blue and green are complimentary with orange
Blue and green are complimentary with orange

At the opposite end of the color palette from orange are blues and greens. They complement and contrast with the color of the sun and warmth. They can be used in a variety of combinations and color schemes.

Rusty retro combination

To create a rusty retro palette, add a small amount of sand to orange, the same amount of ice blue, a little greenish blue, a small accent of lavender and rusty orange. If you dyed yourself red, keep this pattern in mind. This combination of colors looks great both in clothes and in interior decoration.

Lilac and sandy shades form the basis of the vintage style. When these accents are removed from this palette, the remaining colors combine to create a charming Welsh cottage style.

Riviera style

This style is inspired by the culture and gastronomy of the Mediterranean. This is a real feast for the eyes under the "spices" from southern France. Add a green olive tone to the color of the black olives, apply the greenish-yellow color of Chartreuse liqueur to them, accent all this with the blue of cobalt and the pallor of gray pebbles from the sea. Completing the picture, of course, is orange with a touch of warm yellow. Imagine all these colors in your kitchen. Here it is, the correct Mediterranean style.

Contrasting combinations can be created endlessly, removing or adding halftones, saturating or weakening the color. It's all about keeping greens soothing and blues cooling bright, warm oranges.

Etruscan style

Blue complements orange, creating a play of contrasts. Use this in a simple and complete color scheme. Create a palette of faience blue, terracotta, cream, ivory, and earthy shades of orange. Add some blue-gray tone. The calm and rich picture is complete.

Winter sunrise

To calmly and clearly combine warmth and coolness, depth and lightness in the style, you can make a palette of cool gray, pale blue, sea ice, chocolate, apricot and warm orange tones, accentuating everything with white. This style looks elegant and modern. Change the proportions in favor of cool shades, and you will cool the whole look. Boost warm hues for a warming and deep palette.

Garden Party

Another complementary color for orange is green. This palette will look great in a summer house, on a veranda, in a gazebo, or on garden furniture. It is a joyful color scheme that creates a sense of eternal summer. It combines dirty turquoise, pale lime, greenish blue, red, orange, water blue, deep green. The play of contrasts in such a palette is based on contrasting orange and its shades with analogue blue and green tones.

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