How To Remove A Diesel Stain

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How To Remove A Diesel Stain
How To Remove A Diesel Stain

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You can be a really neat person in everything. But at the same time, nothing will insure you from the carelessness of other people or from a simple case. What to do if you find a diesel stain on your own clothes?

How to remove a diesel stain
How to remove a diesel stain


Step 1

Determine how old it was. If the stain is fresh, it will always work better. Even if it has a large coverage area. Diesel oil stains belong to the category of grease stains. The fat spot does not have clear lines and is always darker than the tissue. But if enough time has passed, then it will also be denser to the touch, but lighter than fresh.

Step 2

Clean the item from dust, but do not wet it. Use a dry linen brush for this. You will need to wash the fabric after you get rid of the stain.

Step 3

Turn the garment inside out.

Step 4

Place a wooden board wrapped in gauze or heavy white cotton cloth under the stain. It is best if the board does not have any paint on it, as there is a risk that the cleaning agents on the fabric will corrode the paint and cause new stains.

Step 5

Before the main cleaning process, you can cover the diesel fuel stain with salt or cover it with a layer of clay, which is mixed with water to a creamy mass. In this procedure, some of the fat is absorbed into salt or clay.

Step 6

Prepare the remover to use. There are options for such cleaning using various means. This can be gasoline, C2 nefras thinner, a specialty stain remover (found in stores), or a grease remover used for washing dishes.

Step 7

Take a cotton or gauze swab (for this, fold the cloth several times), moisten it in the prepared solution and start the cleaning process.

Step 8

If there is a risk that the fabric will not react well to dry cleaning, try to test it on an inconspicuous or seam area of ​​the product.

Step 9

Clean gently by dabbing cloth with detergent.

Step 10

For a really clean look, be sure to buff the fabric around the stain as well.

Step 11

After this procedure, wash the product in a washing machine with a good powder that can remove the effects of a grease stain. These data must be indicated by the developer on the packaging. You can also add an anti-grease detergent to the drum when loading laundry.

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