Who Is A Succubus And What Is Its Danger

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Who Is A Succubus And What Is Its Danger
Who Is A Succubus And What Is Its Danger

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The mention of a succubus is often found in the mythology of various peoples, who in the old days had little contact with each other. In the writings of Kabbalists, the first wife of Adam, Lilith, acts as a succubus.


Appearance and habits of a succubus

Succubus is a naked female demon with huge bat wings, feeding on the sexual energy of men. She is often mentioned in medieval sources. Monks, adhering to an ascetic lifestyle, suddenly lost their heads and went into debauchery. Such an unusual and shocking phenomenon could not be explained otherwise than by the action of otherworldly forces.

The Holy Scripture mentions that people who adhere to the commandments and firmly believe in the kingdom of God cannot be seduced by the devil, just like a succubus. It turns out that a person who has surrendered to vices will be in the field of vision of this demon and will inevitably become his victim.

Indeed, a succubus is able to feel all the emotions, desires of men and intensify them many times over. As soon as the victim is ready, the seductress attacks. She often takes the form of the woman that the man secretly wants. Attacking a succubus is, in fact, rape, and the man receives great pleasure in the process, which he has never experienced before. During intercourse, the demon can only see its victim. For an outside observer, this scene will seem somewhat ridiculous and even frightening, but he can do nothing to save the unfortunate.

The danger of a succubus attack

Why are succubus attacks dangerous for a man, because he gets an incomparable pleasure at the same time? It's all about the exchange of energy. During intercourse, a succubus sucks out all the energy of its victim through the sexual chakra. She subsequently becomes very active. Other chakras are blocked. After the visit of the succubus, the energy body of a man is torn to shreds: there is an inexplicable pain in the body, general depression.

In the energy shell of the victim, the succubus leaves a huge gap that cannot be repaired. The shell is no longer able to protect a person from other demons, no matter how he adheres to a righteous life. He finds himself in captivity of lust, from which it is no longer possible to escape.

The male semen obtained as a result of intercourse, the succubus can store for many years before using it for its intended purpose. After a certain time, some unusual creature may appear, ranging from demons to wizards and warlocks. According to legend, Merlin was conceived during an attack by a succubus. This is the only time a good wizard was born.

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