Yarygin Pistol And Its Features

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Yarygin Pistol And Its Features
Yarygin Pistol And Its Features

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Yarygin's pistol was born as a result of the Rook competition announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The purpose of the competition was to develop a replacement for the outdated Makarov pistol.

The Yarygin pistol has undeniable advantages over the Makarov pistol
The Yarygin pistol has undeniable advantages over the Makarov pistol

Yarygin's pistol has some design features. The angle of inclination of the handle relative to the firing channel is 107 degrees, the maximum weight of a pistol with a loaded magazine is about 1200 grams. The height of the front sight is 6 mm, the width is 4 mm, and the length of the rear sight is 10 mm.

Features of shooting from a Yarygin pistol

Shooting from Yarygin's pistol is much easier than from his predecessor, the Makarov pistol. This is primarily due to the device of the firing mechanism. The trigger hook has a 4 mm free play, and after being connected to the sear, it is almost 2 mm. At the same time, the existing failure of the trigger, about 1 mm long, is practically not felt during firing, in contrast to the Makarov pistol. The working stroke of the descent goes smoothly, without amplification and voltage dips. In the self-cocking mode, this effort increases, but it also goes smoothly.

The sighting line of the Yarygin pistol is 160 mm, which is 30 mm more than that of the Makarov pistol. It is these 30 mm that reduce the impact of shooter errors on hitting accuracy. To understand this dependence, you need to look at comparative examples. While aiming, the human eye perceives any deviations of the front sight relative to the rear sight slot only in a flat image. The human eye in this mode is not able to determine the mutual deviation of the rear sight and front sight, as well as to assess its influence. But this is one of the important factors affecting the accuracy of shooting. In the Makarov pistol, the deviation of the front sight from the rear sight by 1 mm will result in a firing inaccuracy of 19 cm, and in the Yarygin pistol - about 15 cm.

Shooter safety

Despite the top location of the slot for ejection of the shot cartridge case, it is thrown up and to the right. This flight path is determined by the bevel made on the ejector and the location of the reflector.

The unique double-sided safety catch is designed to facilitate the use of the Yarygin pistol by left-handers. An interesting solution, but, unfortunately, not completed. To completely facilitate the shooting of left-handers on the right side, you need to transfer, in addition to the fuse, also the magazine release button and the bolt fastener held by the bolt when the magazine is emptied in the rear position.

Thus, the Yarygin pistol has undoubted advantages over the Makarov pistol currently available in the army and law enforcement agencies. But in design and layout, it is inferior to modern European and American combat pistols.

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