Personal Insurance And Its Types

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Personal Insurance And Its Types
Personal Insurance And Its Types
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Personal insurance is one of the branches of insurance, in which life, health or certain events can act as an object. Of course, the cost of living cannot be objectively assessed. But personal insurance helps prevent possible material difficulties that people face in the event of disability or illness.

Personal insurance and its types
Personal insurance and its types


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Personal insurance is a special form of risk protection. Any insurance can be carried out in a voluntary and compulsory form. Most of the personal insurance contracts are carried out at the personal request of people. Moreover, both the insured and the insurer who does not want to take on the risks of the insured can refuse to conclude a contract. An individual individual (this is an individual insurance) or a group of persons (collective) can act as the insured. Also, personal insurance can be classified in terms of the form of payment of insurance premiums. They can be paid in a lump sum, annually, monthly.

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The personal insurance contract implies that one of the parties undertakes, for a fixed fee paid by the policyholder, to pay the insured amount upon the occurrence of an insured event (causing harm to the health of the policyholder). The size of the rate for personal insurance depends on a number of reasons. These include the age, gender of the insured, the amount of insurance premiums paid, the term of the contract, the rate of return. When assessing the risk, the professional activities of the insured, his occupations, hobbies and pastime are also taken into account. Therefore, for each group of citizens, their own risk coefficients are applied.

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The object of life insurance can be survival to a certain age, survival to the term of annuity payments established by the contract, or the death of the insured. Also, other cases that are provided for by the contract may be related to insurance. This is, for example, a wedding or entering a university.

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When insuring against accidents, it means an external sudden effect on the human body. Its consequence is loss of ability to work, damage to health or death of the insured. Usually insured events include bites, burns, poisoning, injuries, fainting. For the same points, personal insurance can be obtained under medical or property insurance contracts. This type of insurance differs in that the insurance is issued for a relatively short period - up to a year. In case of accident insurance, intentional harm to health is not covered by the insurance. Examples of insurance are: insurance for passengers, athletes, children, employees of an enterprise engaged in hazardous occupations, etc.

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Health insurance provides compensation for the expenses of the insured person for medical treatment. Distinguish between compulsory (which covers all categories of citizens) and voluntary health insurance. It can be issued in case of illness, inpatient treatment, prosthetics, the purchase of glasses, diagnostics, expenses for pregnancy and childbirth, the provision of health services, in case of plastic surgery, etc.

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