Wedding Signs: To Observe Or Not

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Wedding Signs: To Observe Or Not
Wedding Signs: To Observe Or Not

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Wedding preparation and the celebration itself is not complete without a reminder of various signs and superstitions. Some believe in them, avoiding a May wedding and opting for sleek rings. And some consider all this to be prejudice.

Wedding signs: to observe or not
Wedding signs: to observe or not

There are a huge number of wedding signs. Some of them are seriously thought-provoking, while others cause laughter and conflicting feelings.

Wedding preparations

The most popular sign: the groom should not see the bride in a wedding dress before the ceremony. If this sign can still be observed, then the sign according to which the bride should not look in the mirror in a dress seems absurd. It is simply unrealistic to fulfill this condition, or you need to have a person next to you whom you trust, like yourself.

The rings must be smooth. It symbolizes a smooth family life. But after all, no rings will save you from a quarrel in a conflict situation.

The couple should spend the night before the celebration separately. This is easy to accomplish if the newlyweds are not living together. Otherwise, you can go to your parents or rent a hotel room, where you can organize the next morning.


To confuse unclean forces, the road to the place of registration must be ornate. With all the desire in some large cities, this sign cannot be observed. Due to traffic congestion, there is no certainty whether you will be on time by the appointed time, choosing a short path, let alone a long one.

After registration, the newlyweds are showered with rice and coins, symbolizing a satisfying and monetary family life. Many couples abandon this ritual in favor of rose petals - who wants to get a coin in the eye or pull grains from their hair.

The celebration begins with a meeting of the newlyweds with a loaf. By the sign: whoever bites a larger piece will be the master of the house. As soon as people do not contrive to bite off more. For fun, at a controversial moment, you can remind your spouse that the last word is yours.

By tradition, at the end of the celebration, the bride throws her bouquet to her unmarried friends as a symbol of the fact that she has now become a wife. If you believe you will accept, the girl who caught the bouquet will be the next to marry. It would seem, how can a bouquet affect fate? But in practice, very often the omen really works. It is possible that girls themselves attract this event, because, as you know, thoughts are material.

There are a lot of wedding superstitions. Some of them even contradict each other, for example, according to one sign, a wedding bouquet must be thrown to friends, and according to another, it is necessary to take it to your bedroom.

To observe the signs or not is up to you. Psychologists say that omens work when they are believed.

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