What Signs Are Not Suitable For Sagittarius

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What Signs Are Not Suitable For Sagittarius
What Signs Are Not Suitable For Sagittarius

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Sagittarius is one of the most sociable and open signs who easily makes new acquaintances and knows how to find a common language with everyone. But for close relationships, the air and fire signs of the zodiac are most suitable for him. But among the representatives of the water and earth elements there are very few signs with which Sagittarius has good compatibility.

What signs are not suitable for Sagittarius
What signs are not suitable for Sagittarius

What zodiac signs are not suitable for a Sagittarius relationship?

Sagittarius is not constant, so he needs the same independent companion who will not limit his freedom. Water signs strive for complete merging with their partners, and earthly ones prefer stable and lasting relationships, so love and family relationships with them are the worst for Sagittarius.

Among the representatives of the water element, Cancer is the most unfortunate sign of the zodiac for Sagittarius. Even if a romance arises between them, it will not last long. Cancer seeks to control its partner and prefers a calm rhythm of life, so Sagittarius will quickly scare him away with his independence and activity.

With Scorpio, Sagittarius also only has a short-term relationship. Both signs want to be leaders in relationships. The educational measures that Sagittarius often abuse are unacceptable for Scorpio. In this pair, there will be no mutual understanding, nor any other basis for a lasting union.

The most inappropriate sign for Sagittarius among the representatives of the earthly element is Virgo. This sign is distinguished by practicality, rationality and extraordinary fidelity, and Sagittarius is too fickle and frivolous.

With another earth sign, Taurus, Sagittarius can have a love affair, since mutual attraction often arises between them. Although they have completely different life goals and dissimilar characters, partners in this union may well complement each other, creating a kind of "unity of opposites." But for living together, this union is still considered unsuccessful.

What zodiac signs are not suitable for Sagittarius for friendship and partnership?

Sagittarius is unlikely to be able to build friendly relations with Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, since these signs have too different characters and outlook on life. Among the water signs, the most inappropriate for Sagittarius is Scorpio. Friendship with Cancer is possible only if they are united by common goals.

As for business ties, in this area of ​​relations, Sagittarius is most difficult to interact with Gemini, with whom he has a high probability of conflicts, and with representatives of his zodiac sign. A constructive partnership is impossible between two Sagittarius, since each will pull the blanket over himself and claim to be the boss. Pisces is also a bad business partner for Sagittarius: both of these signs are prone to constant changes of plans, are not able to concentrate on the main tasks, therefore they are not recommended to conduct joint business.

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