How To Get A Passport In Vologda

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How To Get A Passport In Vologda
How To Get A Passport In Vologda

Video: How To Get A Passport In Vologda

Video: How To Get A Passport In Vologda
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For temporary trips abroad, a citizen of the Russian Federation requires a foreign passport of the established form. In Vologda, this document can be drawn up at the office of the Federal Migration Service in one month.

How to get a passport in Vologda
How to get a passport in Vologda


  • - the Internet;
  • - a package of documents;
  • - INN and SNILS;
  • - the address and hours of reception of your FMS branch.


Step 1

To issue a passport in Vologda, you must provide a package of documents and an application to the local FMS. The work schedule of your department will help you to determine the time, which you can find on the website

Step 2

Decide what kind of passport you want to issue. To date, there are two options to choose from: an old-style foreign passport valid for 5 years and a new foreign passport ("biometric", valid for 10 years). The listed passports differ not only in the validity period, but also in the size of the state duty: 1000 and 2500 rubles, respectively.

Step 3

In the case of an old-style foreign passport, prepare the following documents: an application (2 copies), a receipt for payment of the state duty, 3 photos for a passport (2 for a passport for a minor), a photocopy of the pages of the Russian passport and work book, stamped from the place of work.

Step 4

For a new type of passport, identical documents will be required. Only the application form and the amount of the state duty differ. Also, be prepared to take an additional photo when submitting documents. It is the photograph taken by the employees of the Federal Migration Service that will be in your new passport.

Step 5

Download the application form from the official portal and fill it out using a computer. In exceptional cases, get it in a special window in the department of the Federal Migration Service. Fill in block letters with a black ink pen. Please keep this pen with you when submitting documents for additional information.

Step 6

You can apply for a passport through the Unified Portal of Public Services: To register, you will need to enter the TIN and the number of the insurance certificate (SNILS).

Step 7

Enter the "Personal Account" on the site, select the "Electronic Services" section. In the list of government departments, click on the "Federal Migration Service". Choose a service based on your needs. Fill out the application.

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