How Cash Registers Are Installed: Step By Step Instructions

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How Cash Registers Are Installed: Step By Step Instructions
How Cash Registers Are Installed: Step By Step Instructions

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The installation of specialized equipment, for example, a cash register, is not just connecting it to the power supply, pressing the power button and connecting all the necessary modules, but also registering the device in the registers of state bodies. The tax office is responsible for registering the cash register.

How to install a cash register
How to install a cash register


Step 1

Contact the tax office after purchasing the actual cash register to register the device. You will be given a list of documents required for registering the cash register, as well as request information about your company and technical details of the purchased equipment. All documents must be provided to state authorities without fail.

Step 2

Agree on the time for the fiscalization of the cash register - a specialist from the computer maintenance center arrives from the tax office, who will check and seal the cash register, and also fill in the details on the check and perform specific technical actions with the device. All in the presence of tax officials. It is worth noting that the specialist arrives 5-7 days after the application is submitted and the list of required documents is provided.

Step 3

Come to the tax office in a few days to get a document on the registration of the cash register and permission to use and install it in your company. It will be necessary to make sure that the purchased device is in the corresponding register of cash registers and computers and check the correctness of the details of the device indicated in the list for coincidence with the real ones. They must be kept on hand at all times and copied in advance from the stickers and index plates located on the bottom of the cash register.

Step 4

Install and connect the cash register in the place where the customer service takes place. Apply power and connect the device to the mains, if necessary - additional modules (peripheral devices), such as a barcode scanner, an electronic card reader, electronic scales and others.

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