How To Assemble A Bouquet Of Sweets: Instructions

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How To Assemble A Bouquet Of Sweets: Instructions
How To Assemble A Bouquet Of Sweets: Instructions

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Festive table setting is an interesting and responsible business. A bouquet of sweets can be a worthy decoration. In stores, sweets of various shapes come across, and this allows each housewife to create something unusual. This activity will surely not leave your children indifferent. By the way, a flower bouquet can be a great gift, even if you don't have a lot of money.

How to assemble a bouquet of sweets: instructions
How to assemble a bouquet of sweets: instructions


  • - sweets of various shapes;
  • - wire;
  • - cocktail sticks;
  • - tape tape;
  • - Scotch;
  • - cellophane;
  • - Styrofoam;
  • - vase.


Step 1

Choose candy. It is better if they are not in the traditional rectangular shape, but in the form of hearts, cones, circles. Small chocolate medals are also fine. The rest depends on which candies you have chosen and what materials you have at hand.

Step 2

Find the right branch for your winter candy bouquet. The more bizarre it is, the better. Crumble the styrofoam and sprinkle it onto the tray. Cover the branch with glue, and then roll it in foam chips. Let your creation dry. You can immediately fix the branch on a stand or place it in a vase.

Step 3

Take candy in the form of hearts, cones, bells. They can be of the same type or different. You can fix them on a branch in different ways, including the way Christmas tree toys are usually attached. Punch holes in the candies and make eyelets out of shiny threads. You can fix candy and transparent tape. The same bouquet can be made on a branch with freshly blossomed leaves.

Step 4

Stems can be made from other materials as well. True, the flowers will be different. Pick up your cocktail sticks. If they are green, you don't need to wrap them around. For a flower, take 2 cone-shaped candies and a small round one. Place them on a sandwich skewer with the round candy in the middle and truffles on the sides. The ends of the skewer can be trimmed. Attach the flower to the cocktail stick with tape. The stem can be decorated with green cellophane leaves.

Step 5

Combine other materials with candy. For example, make the petals from colored cellophane or tissue paper, and the center from a flower. Cut a square out of the extra material. Fold it in half, then in half again. Round off the free corner or cut it with teeth. Make a hole in the middle. Insert a truffle or round candy into it so that the twisted end of the wrapper goes into the hole. Attach the flower to the stem with this piece of candy wrapper. You can do this with tape or glue.

Step 6

Heart-shaped candies will look good if you simply attach them to the stems. Cut a small rectangle from the transparent tape. Place the stem on the back of the candy and attach it gently with an adhesive strip. Sticks for cocktails or wire can be wrapped with tape - such as used by florists for their compositions.

Step 7

To get a bouquet, the flowers must be stapled together. You can, for example, just put them in a vase, tied with a ribbon. But you can make a more stable stand. Cut out a piece of styrofoam. It should fit snugly into the vase. Make holes in it and stick in the stems. You can grease their ends with glue.

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