How To Choose Quality Tights For Pregnant Women

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How To Choose Quality Tights For Pregnant Women
How To Choose Quality Tights For Pregnant Women

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Special tights for pregnant women help to avoid the development of varicose veins, as well as relieve tension and pain in the legs, which are especially common in the last trimester. In addition, they are complemented by a wide, soft elastic waistband that supports the belly and prevents the garment from sliding down.

How to choose quality tights for pregnant women
How to choose quality tights for pregnant women


Step 1

Consult a phlebologist. An experienced doctor will tell you which tights are more appropriate in your case - preventive or therapeutic. A doctor's consultation is especially important if you are carrying a second or third baby, because with repeated pregnancy, the risk of developing certain diseases increases, and properly selected tights will help you avoid many problems.

Step 2

Pay attention to the composition of the tights. It is good if they are made of special elastic synthetic fabrics with the addition of natural threads - for example, double-braided cotton. It is desirable that the packaging bears the RAL standard mark: this means that a safe, environmentally friendly and effective material was used in the manufacture of tights, which does not cause allergies and allows the skin to breathe.

Step 3

Remember that quality compression products for pregnant women should not have stitches. It is also advisable that they are manufactured by a reliable company with a good reputation. You can first consult a doctor or read reviews from other buyers to find the best options. Keep in mind that really high-quality products tend to be quite expensive.

Step 4

Be sure to consider your size. It makes no sense to buy tights that are too large or, on the contrary, too small. In the first case, the product will be simply ineffective, and in the second it will also be harmful to health. If you are not sure if you can choose the one that suits you, consult a professional at a specialty store that sells these items. For example, model S will suit a woman with a foot size 35-36, ankle circumference 18-20 cm, hip circumference 40, 5-56 cm.For model M, these parameters should be 36-38 foot size, 20-24 cm and 44, 5-61 cm respectively.

Step 5

Consider the time of year when you will be wearing tights. In late autumn, winter and early spring, you should use high-quality insulated products with woolen, cotton threads and elastane. They will help keep your legs, stomach and lower back warm. In the hot season, thin, lightweight tights will be appropriate, which remove moisture well and provide comfort and proper heat transfer. Their density varies on average from 10 to 100 den. It is important that the elastic belly insert is tight enough like the gusset. Otherwise, the product may not be strong and comfortable enough.

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