How To Make A Wire Fence

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How To Make A Wire Fence
How To Make A Wire Fence
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In order to make a reliable wire fence, you need to choose the right material. These protective fences are installed using wooden or metal supports and other devices.

Fence "Egoza" with vertical spirals
Fence "Egoza" with vertical spirals

What is a wire fence made of?

In order to restrict access to various objects, wire is most often used. It can be of different sections: round, oval, square. The diameter can also be any, but most often rods of 2, 8-4 mm are taken for the device of barriers. To maximally protect the facility from intruders and stray animals, barbed wire is used. It differs from the usual one in that special "thorns" with pointed ends are strung on it at the same distance from each other.

In addition to this material, barbed tape is used. It is stamped from metal and has no wire core. This material is much weaker to break and can be easily cut with metal scissors, therefore it is produced in small quantities and is rarely used today. However, in the second half of the 20th century, fences made of such tape were often built around prisons and hospitals for the mentally ill.

Another material for mounting wire barriers is a chain-link mesh. With its help, you can make a durable and inexpensive fence. The most difficult to overcome is considered to be a spiral-shaped obstacle made of barbed wire or cutting metal tape, which is called "Egoza" or "Bruno's Spiral". It can cause serious injury to a perimeter intruder. For inconspicuous fences, MZP wire with a diameter of 0.4 mm is used.

Wire fencing technology

For the installation of such barriers, wooden or metal stakes up to 2 meters high will be required. The latter can be equipped with blades for screwing into the ground. The fence can be single-row or 2-3 rows. After installing the stakes, rows of barbed wire are pulled over them. To fix it, use special hooks or staples that are attached to wooden or metal supports.

Spiral fencing "Egoza" is mounted in two ways: multi-row horizontal and with vertical arrangement of rings. Typically, the diameter of the spirals is 1-1, 2 m. They are attached using low stakes (horizontal barriers) that hold the wire at the desired height. Egoza can serve as both a main and an additional obstacle.

A wire fence made of a chain-link mesh is mounted on poles that are dug into the ground and concreted for greater reliability. The net is stretched using a self-made device with a lever, or the roll is evenly unrolled along the fence line. The mesh is fixed with metal staples or long nails.

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