What Mohair Is Made Of

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What Mohair Is Made Of
What Mohair Is Made Of

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Mohair is usually called a special type of yarn, which is characterized by a particularly warm and fluffy thread. This allows you to make woolen products from it, which can warm you in the most severe frosts.

What mohair is made of
What mohair is made of

Making mohair

Mohair is a wool thread used for knitting, which is made from the wool of a special breed of goats - the Angora. For this reason, mohair is often confused with angora, which, however, is a thread made from the wool of angora rabbits. Therefore, such an idea of ​​the synonymy of these concepts is erroneous.

The wool of the angora goat, used for the production of mohair, has a specific structure and properties: its fibers do not adhere very well to each other, and therefore, to obtain a sufficiently strong thread, additional fibers are often added to the main raw material consisting of this goat's wool, for example, wool sheep or acrylic yarn. Therefore, the maximum content of pure mohair in mohair yarns is rarely higher than 80%.

Mohair application

Mohair is highly valued among other types of wool, not only for its exceptional ability to keep warm, but also because of the attractive appearance of the products made from it, which are distinguished by gloss and elasticity. In addition, mohair yarn has high wear resistance, as a result of which the product retains its original appearance for a long time and does not lose its shape.

Currently, in the textile industry, it is customary to distinguish three main types of mohair, which differ in their properties and are used for different purposes. So, the first of them - "Kid Mohair", that is, mohair thread, which is made from wool of angora kids. At the same time, at the time of taking the wool, the age of such a kid usually does not exceed 6 months, therefore its wool is soft, silky and thin. This raw material is used to make a fine woolen thread, which is used to make jumpers, shawls and other products with an extremely delicate fabric structure that require proper care.

The second type of mohair is "Goating Mohair": for its manufacture, the wool of older kids, which are aged from 6 months to 2 years, is used. It is denser and more elastic in structure, but retains its silkiness. This yarn is also used to make various woolen products that are more durable and easier to care for.

Finally, the third type of mohair is "Adult Mohair", which is made from the wool of adult animals. It is not as soft and thin as the wool of young angora goats, so the thread, and then the fabric from it, turns out to be dense enough to be used in the manufacture of outerwear. At the same time, the finished product from this type of mohair turns out to be very warm and keeps its shape well for a long time.

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