How To Get Rid Of Water Hardness

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How To Get Rid Of Water Hardness
How To Get Rid Of Water Hardness

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The problem of water hardness is one of the most pressing, especially in large cities. There are various ways to mitigate it. In everyday life, well-known and proven methods are mostly used.

How to get rid of water hardness
How to get rid of water hardness


  • - freezer;
  • - filter;
  • - ash;
  • - peat.


Step 1

Boil water to relieve temporary hardness. The bicarbonate hardness of water is called temporary, when the bicarbonates present in it decompose and form a sediment. Such a picture can often be observed in everyday life when unfiltered water is boiled for some time: a dense layer of scale forms on the walls of the dishes. Moreover, the more iron there is in the water, the brighter its color.

Step 2

Use the ice freeze method. It is often used with constant water hardness. Freeze the water gradually. When you find that about 10% of its original volume remains, drain the unfrozen water and melt the ice. The fact is that all salts that impart hardness remain in unfrozen water.

Step 3

Install water purification filters. With their variety, you can choose the necessary and optimal option. To do this, you first need to analyze the chemical composition of the liquid. Contact your local Sanitary Epidemiological Service, any independent certified laboratory, or a major water treatment company with a proven track record in the market.

Step 4

To soften tap water for washing, use special detergents. Carefully read the information on the packaging, observe the consumption of the detergent. Shampoos and mild soaps based on herbs, fruits and minerals perfectly soften hard water.

Step 5

It is known that plants need to be watered with soft water. In the country, rainwater is most often used for this purpose. But you can soften it by adding wood ash or fresh peat. To do this, you need only 3 g of ash or 10 g of peat per liter. These natural additives not only relieve water from hardness, but also fertilize the soil, which is an important condition for the harmonious development of plants.

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