How To Connect My Friends

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How To Connect My Friends
How To Connect My Friends

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Subscribers of the mobile operator "Tele2" have the opportunity to communicate with three close friends for free, that is, send SMS, make calls for a small monthly fee. To do this, you need to activate the service "My friends", you can do it in different ways.

How to connect my friends
How to connect my friends


Step 1

Choose any three friends who are subscribers of Tele2 or Zelta Zivtiņa. Send their phone numbers in the form of SMS to the short number 1669. In the message, indicate the eight-digit numbers, starting with the number 2.

Step 2

Wait for a response from the cellular operator. You will receive a service message on your phone within 24 hours, which will contain information about the activation of the “My Friends” service. Please note that the connection is not free - 1, 22 lats (including value added tax), which in translation into Russian currency will be 70, 2 rubles.

Step 3

Activate the service "My Friends" in any office of the cellular operator "Tele2". An employee of the company will ask you to provide a document proving your identity. After that, the service will be activated.

Step 4

To get information about the service "My Friends" or to activate it, call the 24-hour customer service. To do this, dial 600 or 29560600 from your mobile phone. Calls to the service are free if you are in the Tele2 service area. If you are abroad, then the rates will be determined depending on your location.

Step 5

If you are a business client (legal entity), activate the service by calling 28444777. The service center is open on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Step 6

If you want to change your friend's number, send a message to the short number 1669. In the message, specify an eight-digit phone number.

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