How To Fill Out The Registration Form

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How To Fill Out The Registration Form
How To Fill Out The Registration Form

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More and more sites on the Internet are encouraging registration. Registered users, as a rule, have more opportunities and fewer restrictions than those who, for whatever reason, do not want to register. Basically, sites require a last name, first name, nickname, email. But many popular sites have more stringent requirements. As an example, consider registering a mailbox on one of the free resources.

How to fill out the registration form
How to fill out the registration form


  • - computer;
  • - the Internet.


Step 1

To get started, you need to visit the site of a free mail resource to find and follow the link "Register" or "Register".

Step 2

In the proposed account registration form, enter your information about yourself: full name, surname, login name (for example: ivanov; in this case, your email address will look like this: ivanov (ru))

Step 3

Enter the desired password to log into your mailbox. Repeat the password on the next line. The password should only be known to you and should not be associated with your date of birth.

Step 4

In the "secret question" and "answer" fields, enter something that will help you remember the password in case you forget it (you can ask the standard question - "mother's maiden name").

Step 5

If you already have a valid mailbox, be sure to enter it. This will help you to recover your password more quickly in case you forget it.

Step 6

The fields "country" and "date of birth" are needed in order for all postal services to be as close as possible to you regionally.

Step 7

In the field "protection against robots" you need to enter randomly generated characters (the so-called "captcha"). Thus, the search engine protects itself from bogus mailboxes that can be generated by robots automatically.

Step 8

Click on the "create an account" button and you're done, you can use your email address as you like.

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