How To Dilute The Essence

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How To Dilute The Essence
How To Dilute The Essence

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Vinegar essence is not the most common product in our time. With the variety of vinegars that grocery stores delight shoppers with, there is no particular need to buy the essence. However, it has its advantages: the tiny bottle of vinegar essence takes up very little space. In addition, even the biggest lover of marinades has enough of it for a long time.

How to dilute the essence
How to dilute the essence

It is necessary

  • Vinegar essence
  • Stack
  • Libra
  • Measuring cup
  • Cookware for ready-made vinegar


Step 1

Vinegar essence is 70% and 80%. Dilute it according to the kind of vinegar you need to get. Typically, 3% vinegar is used in cooking.

Step 2

Calculate how much vinegar should be in the volume of water you need. To do this, you will have to remember school mathematics. 1000 g of the mixture you need should contain 30 g of vinegar and, accordingly, 970 g of water. 100 g of 80% essence contains 80 g of vinegar and 20 g of water, the ratio is 4: 1. That is, to obtain a liter of vinegar, you need to take not 30 g of essence, but 3 + 7, 5 g.

Step 3

Measure out the required amount of essence into the stack. If you have a scale, weigh the empty stack and then weigh the stack of essence poured into it. The difference will be the amount of essence. Pour out the excess.

Step 4

Measure out the required amount of water with a measuring cup. Pour the water into the bowl where you will dilute the vinegar. Pour vinegar essence there.

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