How To Come Up With A Brand

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How To Come Up With A Brand
How To Come Up With A Brand

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A brand is what your company is recognized by. Often the best minds of the advertising business are fighting over its development. After all, it is known that how you name a boat, so it will float. The same goes for the brand. To work effectively, he must meet a number of requirements.

How to come up with a brand
How to come up with a brand


Step 1

Think, a brand is not always a tricky name. The most famous world corporations have fairly simple names that either consist of the first syllables of the name, or from the names of your favorite fruits or bodies of water. A safe bet is to name the company after its founder. But this is only effective when the name is rare and memorable. If not, then you need to add something to it (a combination of numbers, letters or symbols) to make it catchy, biting and accurate.

Step 2

If the option with your favorite names or name does not suit you in order to come up with a quality brand, decide on the specifics of your company. Very often, the names of firms are made up of the abbreviated names of the industries in which they are engaged. For example, Rusnano, Gazprom, etc. It happens that the abbreviation applied to the place becomes a symbol of the company for many years.

Step 3

Remember that not only short words are very striking and well remembered, but also long enough names. It is allowed to use both three and four words for the brand.

Step 4

Numbers, quotes, emoticons and other symbols can also help you make your brand original and memorable. However, here you need to be careful with the number of characters used. If there are too many of them, it can blur the whole picture. Therefore, a delicate balance must be struck between numbers and letters. This will help your brand look and sound very different. However, in the case when your goal is to shock people and thus achieve popularity, then, of course, there are no obstacles for you.

Step 5

Either way, the brand must match what you do. After all, if everything is well thought out and designed, then it is with this name that people will associate your activity. And it is for him that you will work.

Step 6

Create associations that arise when you hear a particular name. Decide on the one that is more pleasant to pronounce and when you can hear it. Try to come up with slogans along with the development of the brand. Then it will become clear if you can work with him.

Step 7

Present your name. To do this, you need to collect a certain group of respondents who will evaluate the brand you have invented. Ideally, you can test your name right away. Try to use with the product for which it is intended. If people accept the association, then everything is done and selected correctly. You can approve the idea and start using it.

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