How To Get Burgundy Color

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How To Get Burgundy Color
How To Get Burgundy Color

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Originally burgundy - the color of the famous French wine, deep dark red. The interior, executed in such tones, creates the impression of wealth and luxury, it suggests a strong financial position of the owners. This color is often used in clothing. It does not belong to the category of primary colors, therefore, it is obtained by mixing other paints.

How to get burgundy color
How to get burgundy color

It is necessary

  • - red paint;
  • - blue paint;
  • - yellow paint;
  • - palette or utensils for mixing;
  • - beets;
  • - vinegar 3%;
  • - alcohol or sugar syrup.


Step 1

If burgundy is not in the set of watercolors or gouache, take red. Small sets usually contain one or two shades of this color. Choose the darker of the two. Dilute the watercolor paint with a minimum amount of water. You need to take just a drop, just so that you can pick up the paint.

Step 2

Burgundy, like many other tones, is warm and cold. For a cold one, use some blue paint on the tip of the brush. Of the two shades, it is better to take a dark one too. If you take paints in a one-to-one ratio, you get purple. The main tone in burgundy is red, very little blue is needed. Mix paints. If the color turned out to be too dark, add water to the watercolor, and a little white to the gouache.

Step 3

For a warm burgundy blue, it is better to take a lighter (but not blue). Similarly, mix a large amount of red paint with a drop of blue. The ratio should be approximately 4: 1. Add some yellow paint for a warm shade.

Step 4

If you need burgundy paint for interior decoration - evaluate the area to be painted over and your capabilities. You can make your own paint to cover a small surface. Take red as the main color, and choose a fairly dark shade. Add blue color gradually and mix thoroughly until desired color is obtained. You can add yellow. But in no case do not use white. They will turn your burgundy into pink or purple.

Step 5

If you need a lot of paint to cover your walls, it's best to go to a specialist store. In company stores, you can simply select the desired color from the catalog. The seller will mix the paints in a special machine. Save your receipt. If there is a shortage of paint, you can always turn to the same store for a new portion.

Step 6

For dyeing fabrics and wool, you can use natural dyes. For 3 kilograms of beets, you will need 2 liters of mild vinegar. Wash the beets and steam with boiling water or bake in the oven to soften the beets. Peel the tubers and cut them into small cubes. Pour vinegar over the beets and leave to infuse for a day. After that, squeeze and strain the juice, then evaporate it to half the volume. Pour the resulting juice with an equal volume of sugar syrup or alcohol. This dye can be used not only for fabric, but also as food.

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