How To Get Raspberry Color

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How To Get Raspberry Color
How To Get Raspberry Color

Raspberry is commonly referred to as a color between red and pink. This calm, noble color is associated with lush historical styles such as Baroque, Empire and Renaissance.

How to get raspberry color
How to get raspberry color

It is necessary

  • - palette for mixing paints;
  • - paints;
  • - paper;
  • - brushes.


Step 1

Remember, there are only three primary colors that cannot be obtained in any way. It is blue, red and yellow. Accordingly, it is quite possible to make a crimson paint color.

Step 2

Squeeze some red and a drop of blue onto the paint mixing palette. Stir them thoroughly until a uniform raspberry color is obtained. By varying the amount of blue paint, you can get the crimson intensity and brightness you need.

Step 3

If you want to get a crimson pastel color, mix the red paint with a small amount of white on the palette. And then add a little blue color.

Step 4

If you need a muted and somewhat darkened crimson color, add a drop of black to the red and blue paint. Be careful not to take too much black, or you risk turning all the paint on the palette to black.

Step 5

Note that the gouache brightens as it dries. Therefore, diluting this paint to a crimson color, make the shade a little brighter than necessary.

Step 6

Add a drop of purple to the red paint, and you get a bright crimson saturated color.

Step 7

Use only clean brushes to paint in different colors.

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