How To Get The Paint Color You Want

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How To Get The Paint Color You Want
How To Get The Paint Color You Want

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To obtain the desired paint color, it is not necessary to contact a specialist - you can do it yourself. You need to know a few mixing rules and practice a little.

How to get the desired paint color
How to get the desired paint color


Step 1

Decide on the desired paint color. It is better to find a sample, and then proceed directly to mixing. A sample could be a piece of fabric or a cut-out illustration from a magazine. It is important that the sample is three-dimensional, as the same color can look different in large and small areas. During work, you should constantly compare what is obtained on the palette with a sample.

Step 2

Remember that there are only three basic colors: red, yellow, and blue. The rest of the colors are derived. They are obtained by mixing primary colors with the addition of white and black. The warm range is based on mixing yellow and red colors. By adding white to red, you can get a bright pink hue, and thanks to the combinations of red with yellow and black, brown tones. If you want to get a colder shade, just add a little blue.

Step 3

In order to darken the color and get rid of excessive brightness, use black paint. It requires careful handling. When mixing paint in the palette, just touch the black paint with the tip of a dry brush. Pure black does not exist in nature, so before mixing, you should apply a little paint on a white background. If the resulting black color is dark blue, brown or purple, it is better not to use paint.

Step 4

White is added for subtle light shades. It is necessary to create pastel colors: light pink, beige, pistachio shades. When using a large amount of white paint, rich colors cannot be achieved.

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