What The World Will Be Like Without Computers

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What The World Will Be Like Without Computers
What The World Will Be Like Without Computers
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In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine that just a couple of decades ago, people lived without computers. And it's not just about home PCs, laptops and smartphones. Today the computer is present in all spheres of human life.

What the world will be like without computers
What the world will be like without computers


Step 1

If you want to send a letter to your friend in another city, then you will need to go to the post office and buy an envelope and stamps, and then write a letter by hand and throw it in the mailbox. In this case, the letter will take not a few seconds, but from several days to several months - it all depends on where you want to send your message. And you will have to wait too long for the answer. If you need to send an urgent message, you will have to call (not from your smartphone, of course, but from your home landline phone) or run to the telegraph office, but even this method of transferring information can take several hours. You will have to arrange a meeting with family and friends in advance, you will no longer be able to organize a spontaneous meeting by dropping the text "Where are you?", And sitting on the bus and flipping through the Internet pages, decide where you will go this evening. However, it is possible that pagers will come into fashion again.

Step 2

To find the information you need, be it train schedules, news, solving math problems or writing an essay, you will have to use a variety of and far from being as fast sources of information as computers and the Internet. Call the station and find out the schedule; buy newspapers, magazines, listen to radio and watch television in order to keep abreast of the latest events in Russia and in the world; buy books and textbooks in stores or walk and sit for a long time in libraries. Not to mention the fact that you can print texts only on a typewriter, or you have to write them by hand - printers without computers will turn into a pile of useless hardware.

Step 3

Forget about computer games, they will be replaced by all kinds of board games, including chess, cards, checkers, role-playing board games, puzzles, etc. However, for some games you can do without the materials at hand - you have to remember or re-learn how to play sea battle, forfeits, "crocodile", "damaged phone", "cities" and many others.

Step 4

Without computers, doctors will no longer be able to carry out the most complex surgeries saving lives. Of course, doctors will have many ways to treat patients, but they will have to forget about tests on a tomograph, laser vision correction and other procedures that are common today.

Step 5

Airport dispatchers will again find it much more difficult to land planes, and pilots will have to manually control flights. And to buy tickets, you will have to go to the box office, independently call hotels and book rooms, come to the embassies to personally find out what set of documents you need to get a visa - in general, make much more effort to organize your travels, forgetting about booking tours at the touch of a button.

Step 6

In fact, all of the above is household stuff. The absence of computers in the world can lead to much more serious problems and even man-made disasters. Many factories and industries will be forced to stop their work and either close or reorganize to simpler production schemes. Automatic computer systems will stop working in nuclear power plants, banks, museums, hospitals, railways, cars, and many other places.

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