What The World Will Be Like Without Oil

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What The World Will Be Like Without Oil
What The World Will Be Like Without Oil

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All natural resources used by the inhabitants of the planet will sooner or later be exhausted, and it is good if a person learns to restore them or switches to alternative sources of energy and substances. You can try to imagine what life will be like if oil runs out.

Such objects will disappear from the earth's surface
Such objects will disappear from the earth's surface


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Gasoline and other petroleum derivatives are the main fuel for most modes of transport, so their absence will cause a big commotion, unless the population of the Earth has time to completely switch to electricity and alternative energy sources, such as light or wind. Trains will be able to move people to different ends of the continents, and trams and trolleybuses - across the territory of settlements. However, crossing oceans and river rafting will be jeopardized. We will have to urgently start the production of obsolete steamboats running on coal and wood. A worldwide car collapse will not happen, as most cars successfully support gas equipment. It will be necessary to urgently engage in the design of fundamentally new models of agricultural machinery that work not on diesel fuel, but on electricity, gas or light energy.

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The production of lipstick and other types of women's cosmetics will slow down somewhat: it will have to include in its products not paraffin and other oil derivatives, but natural oils and beeswax. Humanity will only benefit from this, since natural ingredients are much more useful and safer, but you will have to work hard to get them and release a sufficient amount of cosmetics for everyone. Most likely, it will rise in price. Cheap chewing gum made from petroleum polymers will disappear from store shelves. People who want to freshen their breath will have to turn to coniferous resin. Some of the usual drugs, such as aspirin, will disappear, but there are many other drugs with similar effects.

Step 3

Women will no longer be able to wear nylon tights and other synthetic clothing, but that's not a problem. It will be replaced by natural fabrics: cotton, silk, wool, linen. And the shoes, including the soles, will have to be made of real leather, so the number of livestock raised for hides will increase dramatically. Crocodiles and snakes will cease to exist, as poachers will catch them clean. Fur coats made of mink, chinchilla and other fluffy animals will become not luxury items, but an everyday wardrobe item, therefore they will become somewhat cheaper. Refrigerators, microwaves and washing machines will be made of metal, and some of the housings of household appliances will be made of wood. The TV box will surprise no one. China's plastic toy and other small goods industry will be threatened, the main branch of metallurgy will be re-smelting, and forests will begin to be cut down at an astonishing rate, much faster than crisis management can create a commission to restore them.

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