What A Crime-free World Will Be Like

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What A Crime-free World Will Be Like
What A Crime-free World Will Be Like

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A world without crime, violence, murder, theft is that idealized view of life that the absolute majority of people would like to bring to life. But what needs to be changed in society to turn a crime-free world into reality?

A world without crime
A world without crime


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Science fiction films about the society of the future often show an idealized picture of the world: robots or specially trained police units keep order in cities, learning about the intentions of criminals in advance and preventing crimes. Or anger, aggression of people is suppressed by some kind of drug, after which there is no desire to harm. Rather, there is no emotion at all. Either society is divided in these films into two classes - aristocrats, or purebreds, live in a cloudless world of harmony, while people of the lower class vegetate in hunger, amid crime and violence. What can be the way for mankind to get rid of its crimes?

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The way to increase power. Times when the church for most people was strong, had great authority and preached a righteous and modest life, its covenants acted on people, they were afraid to use weapons and kill or harm another. The same thing happens in all authoritarian states with strong central authorities. An example would be the USSR, where the crime rate was incomparably lower than today's indicators. The cult of power and the totalitarian policy of imposing rules and laws taught people to avoid criminal thoughts. Perhaps, in order to keep a person's behavior within his framework, a strong hand of power is important, capable of punishing him for violating the laws.

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The principle of strong power can be supported by modern means: increasing the number of police officers on the streets, introducing serious measures against criminals, modifying the genome that pushes people to commit crimes. Such measures can be, for example, the eviction of violators from large cities to live in unfavorable territories or the introduction of the death penalty. Other means of deterrence can be measures to prevent crime: calculating and neutralizing criminals before they have committed the most terrible, chemical suppression of human aggression. While such projects are in development, but later they may well be used with the help of robots, tracking devices, medical prescriptions. Fear and strength are what some states will use to root out criminals.

Step 4

There is another model of a crime-free society. The development of the economy and the education system to a high level according to research by scientists will help to reduce the crime rate as much as possible. To create such a society, a high level of education of the entire population is required, the absence of a pronounced stratification of society into very rich and too poor, constant social work with difficult teenagers, a high level of social guarantees and highly paid employment for all segments of the population. It is in such a society that a person will be able to feel safe, satisfied with his employment and the compensation received for it, will be able to embody his plans and live in a safe society in contentment and joy. In this society, the need for spontaneous crime for enrichment or survival will disappear. And the natural level of aggression can be taken out in online simulators and games, or suppressed with drugs.

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