How To Distinguish A Swarovski Crystal

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How To Distinguish A Swarovski Crystal
How To Distinguish A Swarovski Crystal

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Swarovski AG is a renowned manufacturer of crystal jewelry, which also produces individual rhinestones. They are often used to decorate clothing and accessories. Of course, genuine Swarovski crystals are not cheap, unlike fakes.

How to distinguish a Swarovski crystal
How to distinguish a Swarovski crystal




Step 1

First of all, you need to understand that the real products of this company cannot cost a few rubles, so if you are offered to buy real rhinestones from Swarovski for a handful of one hundred rubles, look for a catch in this. There are several signs by which you can accurately identify a fake.

Step 2

Swarovski is never threaded for sale. Even the smallest rhinestones are sold in branded packaging. One package must contain crystals of the same type and be free from glass dust or debris. Each package must have a company logo in the form of a swan on a blue background, a holographic inscription CRYSTALLIZED WITH SWAROVSKI, an individual identification number, a relief sticker with a holographic effect on the back. All packs of crystals are sealed; to open, you will have to get rid of the perforated strip on the back of the package. Only Austria must be indicated as the country of origin. Crystals should be packed in separate cells, very small ones are neatly distributed in the package. There can be no sloppiness in the design.

Step 3

If for some reason you decide to buy crystals in smaller quantities from private distributors, you should pay attention to some details.

Step 4

As mentioned above, crystals should not be strung on a string; in different stores, crystals are packaged in different ways, but never with the help of threads.

Step 5

Each crystal must have many facets, this is achieved with ultra-precise equipment that imitators do not have. therefore, if the crystals that you are going to buy do not have clear-cut edges or their shape is not identical, the edges are poorly visible and the overall cutting pattern does not fit together - you have a fake. Real crystals have alternating narrow and wide side faces, but inside the same type, the faces are identical.

Step 6

Color is a good indicator of original crystals. It should be flat, without streaks, like from gasoline, without scratches and irregularities.

Step 7

Real Swarovski crystals never contain air bubbles. They are often found in fakes, sometimes you need a magnifying glass to examine them, but it is better to play it safe, especially when buying from an unverified seller.

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