How To Distinguish Rhinestone

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How To Distinguish Rhinestone
How To Distinguish Rhinestone

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Rock crystal is truly a wonderful stone. It plays in the sun like a real diamond, and its purity has long been associated with feminine purity. Rock crystal is an excellent talisman; it gives its owner protection from the evil eye and evil spirits. But how not to be mistaken with the choice and buy real crystal, not a glass pebble? Let's find out now!

How to distinguish rhinestone
How to distinguish rhinestone

It is necessary

glass, sharp awl or knife, magnifier


Step 1

Take a close look at the stone. If air bubbles or dust spots are noticeable inside, this is a glass fake. Rock crystal is not a hardened resin, but a mineral with a strong structure, so there can be no foreign objects and even more air bubbles in it. Another distinguishing feature of a glass counterfeit is the presence of sivles (these are characteristic stripes formed during the flow of viscous thick liquids). Glass, hardening, can retain such traces in itself. Therefore, if you notice twists in the light, you should not purchase the product.

Step 2

Rock crystal is quartz. In its structure, it is much stronger than glass, so do a little experiment. Take a sharp awl or a well-sharpened knife and try to scratch the surface of the stone. It is very easy to leave marks and scratches on the glass, and in order to damage the rhinestone, you need to work hard. Also, a strength test can be arranged with a hammer (not in a store, of course). There will be no trace of the glass, and the crystal stones can only crack, or they will not suffer at all

Step 3

Glass has a higher thermal conductivity, it heats up and cools down very quickly. Take a stone in your palm and try to warm it up. If the temperature has changed quickly, you have a piece of glass in front of you, but if the stone has warmed up, but you still feel the difference with the temperature of your body, you have real crystal in front of you. You can try the products on your tongue, so the thermal conductivity is determined much faster.

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