How To Choose Crystal

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How To Choose Crystal
How To Choose Crystal
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Spectacular, delicate and delicate crystal will give grace and taste to any interior. To distinguish a quality product, you need to know the basic rules for distinguishing this material.

How to choose crystal
How to choose crystal


Step 1

Remember that high-quality and real crystal, according to world standards, should consist of lead oxide and glass. However, there is also Bohemian (potassium-calcium glass) and barium material, which can be added instead of lead. In addition, a few years ago, Americans began to use titanium in the manufacture of crystal, which increases strength. Thus, when choosing a product, pay attention to the marking. Study carefully the label affixed to the product. Please note: the higher the lead (Pb) content of the material, the better the quality. Moreover, its content should be at least 10%.

Step 2

Do not forget that quality crystal is valued for its special play of color on the edges. As a rule, the thinner the design on the product, the higher its price. When choosing a crystal, take a close look at the patterns; you should see different colors of the rainbow on them.

Step 3

Please note that crystal products do not have the concept of first or second grade. When purchasing, carefully consider the material to light. Each product should be free of foreign inclusions, cloudiness or small bubbles (voids). Also pay attention to the rim if you are choosing shot glasses, goblets or wine glasses. The sharp edges of the product are a sign of high-quality crystal.

Step 4

When choosing crystal, gently tap the piece with a pen or pencil. In this case, a characteristic thin sound should be emitted, which lasts at least 4-5 seconds.

Step 5

When buying a product, pay attention to its weight. Real and high quality crystal cannot be too light.

Step 6

Do not forget that when using crystal products, exposure to high temperatures must be avoided. Since the compounds contained in the material are soluble, they can get into food. Do not pour hot drinks into crystal glasses (wine glasses).

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