What Girls Dream Of At The Age Of 19

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What Girls Dream Of At The Age Of 19
What Girls Dream Of At The Age Of 19

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Most girls have their own, unique dreams. They want to have a beautiful appearance and figure, health, love and attention of a certain young man. At the age of 19, girls also dream of successful education in an educational institution. Thoughts are devoted to how to successfully pass tests and exams, defend coursework and start building a career.

Every girl's dreams are individual and depend on a number of factors
Every girl's dreams are individual and depend on a number of factors

Girls' dreams of getting married and having children

A girl's dreams are individual and depend on a number of factors: social status, upbringing, environment, personal qualities. As a rule, at the age of 19, many thoughts are devoted to the topic of love and marriage. The girl dreams of meeting her beloved young man, building a happy relationship with him. It is worth noting that the desire to find mutual love is a fundamental need for most people. More often than not, girls also make plans for a beautiful wedding and the birth of children. It is possible that the bride-to-be has a detailed idea of ​​her dream.

For example, in what setting will the groom propose to her, what ring he will give, where the ceremony will be celebrated, who will become the bridesmaid and other components of the desired event. The described aspirations of the girl are dictated by maternal instincts, upbringing and attitudes received in childhood from their parents. It is worth noting that social norms and values ​​also contribute to strengthening the desire of most girls about marriage and having children.

Girls' dreams of career, fame and wealth

There is also a category of girls who dream of fame and recognition. As a rule, at the age of 19, the fair sex has already begun to realize their talents and abilities in any area. Some of them are fond of dancing, playing musical instruments or singing, having experience of performing on stage. The desires and dreams of potential stars of the public boil down to achieving a high position in society, gaining wide popularity and fame among the audience.

Other girls like to play sports, to represent the honor of an educational institution in competitions. It is worth noting that training, diet and regimen temper character and will, making a person purposeful and strong. In this case, young athletes dream of winning championships and olympiads, receiving awards, as well as achieving universal recognition.

Many girls are passionate about their careers and financial well-being. They dream of an expensive car, a luxurious apartment and other components of a comfortable and comfortable life. As a rule, potential careerists see their activities in the field of management and control. Most likely, they have little experience in leading a group in an educational institution, have organizational skills and are distinguished by a high level of mental ability.

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