Old Slavonic Names For Girls: Which One To Choose

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Old Slavonic Names For Girls: Which One To Choose
Old Slavonic Names For Girls: Which One To Choose

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Before the advent of Christianity, the Slavs gave their children names with meaning. Basically, these were names composed of two words - Luchezar, Lubomir, but there were also exceptions - Mila, Vlasta, Vera. For girls, they mainly chose cute, gentle options that emphasize the peacefulness of the feminine. The fashion for Old Slavonic names regularly returns, and again in the metrics there are records of the birth of little Berislav, Negomil and Otrad.

Happy little girl
Happy little girl


A very positive name that literally means "given by God." A girl with such a name is likely to be docile, neat and obedient, will not cause trouble. Bogdana is distinguished by kindness, she has a positive attitude towards others, so she always gathers around her a flock of girlfriends. The main priority of the grown-up Bogdana is family life. Having married, the girl turns her home into a real cozy nest and with pleasure surrounds her loved ones with care.


The modest Rada gives those around them quiet joy. Sometimes she shows indecision, but is indecision a disadvantage for a real woman? Rada loves art, music, poetry. In adolescence, Rada will gently but persistently defend her position, sometimes coming into conflict with her parents. A girl with that name has few friends, but each of her friends is worth many: if Rada trusts a person, then she trusts him in everything.


"Given by life" Darina is a positive and cheerful child. At the same time, she is neat and calm, does not cause much trouble to her parents. Darina enjoys playing sports, studies well, pays great attention to her appearance. Darina values ​​friends and girlfriends, but in her personal life she can be demanding and capricious. Growing up, this girl carries herself high and makes young people play by her rules.


This name is made up of two words: "beloved" and "sweet". Lyubomila fully corresponds to her name: she has a light and sweet disposition. In relations with her parents, Lyubomila is obedient and benevolent, with friends - generous, with loved ones - caring. Sometimes Lyubomila can be overly modest and shy. Inborn neatness leads to success in school. A good wife and hostess, Lyubomila is happy to build her family hearth.


This name was chosen by the girl's parents, who prophesied great glory to their daughter. However, as far as is known, Velislav has not achieved much fame. She is very responsible for her studies, but she is not an excellent student. Velislava is a "good girl" in everything. This girl has a delicate nature and sensitive character. Caring for the opinions of others sometimes prevents her from living. Velislava loves art, honors the customs of her people and willingly takes part in family events.


Zlata is a "golden" girl. Zlata tries to be the best in everything, and she succeeds. A beautiful, brave girl studies well and takes part in social work. The talented, gifted Zlata is always ready to help those who need it. An active, sociable excellent pupil strives to fulfill all her assignments for the "five", both in school and in life.

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