How To Use A Bagel Pillow

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How To Use A Bagel Pillow
How To Use A Bagel Pillow

Video: How To Use A Bagel Pillow

Video: How To Use A Bagel Pillow
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The bagel pillow is a unique product that has found application in all kinds of areas. It can both increase the comfort of life and become simply irreplaceable in a number of situations.

How to use a bagel pillow
How to use a bagel pillow

In case of injuries and trauma to the pelvic area

During childbirth, women are likely to injure the muscles of the pelvic region, as a result of which, immediately after childbirth, a woman is unable to sit normally, without pain, on a chair (chair and the like). The bagel pillow helps to eliminate this kind of discomfort, using it as a seat will reduce the feeling of pain in the pelvic region.

Due to its shape, the bagel pillow provides significant assistance in creating comfortable sitting conditions on uncomfortable surfaces for people who have painful sensations in the pelvic region for various reasons.

How to properly use a pillow for the prevention of hemorrhoids

If a person at work or in connection with other life circumstances spends a large amount of time in a sitting position, then in order to avoid the health problems that often arise in this case, you should put a pillow in the sitting position. It, in turn, must be tough.

The use of a pillow for the prevention of hemorrhoids on a soft surface is useless, because as a result of the collapse, the rectal veins are pinched. In addition, an overly soft seat is often poorly ventilated, leading to overheating of the anus. Which, among other things, promotes the expansion of the venous network.

Bagel pillow mom and baby friend

If the baby, in the process of feeding, lies not on the mother's arms, but on a bagel pillow in her lap, then she will only need to hold him. And if you also put a small pillow under the lower back, then feeding will become very convenient.

The bagel pillow fixes the child with high quality: it will not turn over, will not crawl out of it, which is why you can easily put the baby in it at night if you have to take him to your bed.

"Bagel" will find a use for itself and while the child will learn to hold his head. You should put it in a pillow on your tummy, so that the handles lie on top of the pillow. The upper body should be raised, then the tired head will "fall" from a lower height. However, do not forget that you cannot leave the child in this position for a long period. The "bagel pillow" will come in handy later, when the baby begins to learn to sit.

Application on the road

Long trips are tiring, and it is very difficult to rest comfortably in a car. Europeans have proven that sleeping while sitting in a car is very dangerous. When falling asleep, the cervical muscles relax, the head tilts forward, which becomes an additional danger for the vertebrae of the neck and, even with a weak push, can lead to spinal injury. The use of a "bagel pillow" will help to avoid such consequences. It can be used both on the train and on the plane.

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