How To Complete The Induction Journal

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How To Complete The Induction Journal
How To Complete The Induction Journal
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An introductory safety briefing is required for employment in a variety of specialties. All magazines of this type, be it labor protection, fire safety or electrical safety, must meet certain requirements. As a rule, it is filled in in the office book. The electronic version did not really take root, since the signatures of the employee and the instructor are required.

How to complete the induction journal
How to complete the induction journal

It is necessary

  • - office book;
  • - A4 paper;
  • - a pen;
  • - printed instructions on labor protection, safety, electrical safety, etc.


Step 1

Prepare your own magazine. In some stores that sell office goods, you can buy ready-made, signed and lined with all requirements. But you can draw an office book or make a corresponding table on a computer and print it out. It is more convenient to make such a table in A4 format, placing the page vertically. Make many pages at once, because the magazine needs to be laced, bound and numbered. It is stitched so that pages cannot be torn out or replaced. For the same purpose, the sheets are numbered. Each page must have the seal of the organization. In small firms, a journal can be made from an ordinary general notebook, but the rest of the requirements remain the same.

Step 2

On the cover, make the inscription "Log of registration of introductory briefing on labor protection (safety, electrical safety, secrecy, etc.)." Write the name of the business below. Under the name of the company write the phrase "responsible for the briefing", his last name, first name and patronymic. The title page should also contain information about when the document was started and finished.

Step 3

Make a 7-column table. The number of lines corresponds to the height of the sheet. On the top line, write the content of the columns. In the first column, the date is put, in the second - the surname, name and patronymic of the instructed. They must be specified in full. In the third column, the year of birth is written, followed by the position of the new employee, the structural unit in which he will work. The sixth and seventh columns are for the signatures of the instructor and the instructor. It is better if the table spans a whole spread.

Step 4

an order for hiring an employee.

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