How To Bring Wine To Russia

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How To Bring Wine To Russia
How To Bring Wine To Russia

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A very limited range of wines is produced in Russia, and not everyone is satisfied with their quality. Therefore, people tend to import wine into the country from abroad. However, you need to know that there are limitations for such transportation.

How to bring wine to Russia
How to bring wine to Russia


Step 1

Calculate how much alcohol you can smuggle across the border. There is no duty on an amount of wine equal to three liters per adult crossing the border. With the payment of fees, it is possible to increase this amount to five liters.

Step 2

Pack alcohol in accordance with shipping regulations. If you are flying by plane, then all liquids in packages with a capacity of more than one hundred milliliters must be checked in baggage. The exception is drinks purchased in the duty-free zone. They can also be carried in hand luggage, but bottles with wine must be in a sealed bag and accompanied by a check, the presence of which can be checked by a customs officer. When bringing wine in your checked baggage, take care not to break it. To do this, you can wrap the bottles in a thick terry towel or newspaper. Make sure that your suitcase or bag is completely filled with things. In this case, the bottles will not be able to move, which will reduce the risk of damage to the packaging.

Step 3

If you are carrying more than three liters of wine, declare it. To do this, at the border crossing point, contact the officer of the border post and receive a declaration from him. fill it out in duplicate. After that, head to the so-called "red corridor", marked with the appropriate color. There, the customs officer will accept your declaration, after which you can pay the duty.

Step 4

If you are carrying three liters or less, go through the "green corridor" control if you have nothing more to declare.

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